"Oh my God, I Ruined My Life"

There have been so many moments in this past year and especially after this summer where I thought, "Oh my God, I think I ruined my life" If you read this post then you know why some of those feelings came up.

Well, there is a problem with that thinking and that statement. Me feeling like I did something to warrant anxiety and or depression is exactly the type of thinking my anxiety and depression feed on. Think of it like AA for your mind, and you need a step one. Well for me the step one was letting go of this idea that I ruined my life

Sure, I could easily sit here wallow and say well if I wasn't anxious I would've done this trip this summer or gone abroad or x, y and z. It could go on forever, but the way I was wasting my life was by playing these what-if scenarios out in my head. I was spending so much time living in these moments that didn't even exist and may not ever exist. I think all of us do this a little bit, mental health struggle or not.

That is one thing I have found constant out of these posts, whether it is you, someone you love, or nobody in your life with a "mental health problem" we all have these pretty spectacular minds that need a reminder and a tune-up every now and then. So these tips I share are targeted to help people struggling like me, but I hope more people can see their own connection and relate!

So on that note... I wanted to create a space where we could talk about mental health and share tips and even just share bad days, but for now, I wanted it to be anonymous. So if you want to talk, relate or just ask questions please use the form below! 

I also wanted to go beyond this and maybe start a place in Denver where we could go get coffee and hang out and just be there for people who are struggling! Even if one person came it would feel like Christmas morning for me! This poll is anonymous but I do want to see the interest:


Golden Gate Bridge Lookout


I just got back from celebrating my birthday in California and I had so much fun! On our last day in San Francisco we had some time before picking up my Dad and Jon from the airport so we headed to the perfect lookout spot of the bridge. It was such a pretty day despite the smoke from all the crazy fires happening last week! I am going to do a full roundup of my trip next week so stay tuned for that but for now you can shop this outfit and all the others from the trip early here!

p.s.... hats are my jam lately! Expect to see them on the blog a lot coming up ;)

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My Secret to Easy Blogging


Want to know a secret? For the past three years, Squarespace has made blogging easy. I was so confused using other hosting services for my website, but then I finally found Squarespace. It was easy to customize a template that matched my aesthetic and represented me and the With A City Dream brand! I am not a tech wizard but their help site and tips make any question I have answered in a few little tweaks. I love blogging, it makes me so happy. It also gives me something to be passionate about, and the hour I take out of my day to blog (with Stella usually she gives me some good ideas ;)) is always my favorite part of the day.

Squarespace reached out to me to tell you guys what I love about them and I was so excited since I was so passionate about them already. They are SO NICE & are giving you guys a discount code to get your own blog or website up and running. Use 'CITYDREAM' for 10% off when you sign up!

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Decorating My Apartment for Fall for Under $20!

FALL! LEAVES! PUMPKINS! I am so excited to decorate my cute little place for Fall but I didn’t have a lot of money to spend so to the Dollar Tree I went! Watch how I got my whole apartment cozy for fall for under $20! Have a great week guys xo