Dear Fall


Dear Fall,

I love you.



       After lusting over these edgy Guess boots for a while I finally got the nerve to buy them, and boy I am glad I did. While they are not the most comfortable shoes I put my big girl panties on and suck it up because they are such a statement. They inspired my outfit and led me to picK dark colors with fun details like the leather on my pants and the jewels on my beanie. 

     On another note it feels good to be back into my blogging routine. I forgot how much fun this site is for me and lately I remembered why I started it. My life has been stressful and I look forward to the hour spent in bed pouring myself into my creative corner. I am just feeling nostalgic today... 

Shoes // Similar Pants // Top // Beanie

Hairtrade Clip In Extensions

From the amount of beauty posts lately I feel like my blog is going nuts, because I am the last person to ask about hair. Quite honestly I struggle to style mine day to day, but when presented with the opportunity to try out some extensions I figured why not?! Maybe I will start to use them and love them! I received my extensions from Hairtrade in the mail a couple weeks ago. I decided that instead of a style post I would do more of a review! Just a little disclaimer I honestly do not know all the official names for these bad boys and how to properly use them.


So what I received was a full set of hair (literally it looked like they scalped a human lol) that included 8 single clips and 4 sets of 3 clips. If your like me and need a visual the right picture above shows the difference between the two! To give you guys an idea of how it looks in my hair I have a before and after below:

^^ before on the left after on the right

Now for my review:

First lets talk color. The color I was supposed to be sent was called "light brown" what I received was more of a pinky purpley brown. Light? Yes Brown? not quite. I think this color would be great for a fun concert or event that I was to have a contrast and the appearance of color in my hair but for everyday it is not my style.

Aside from the color the actual hair is very impressive. The clips are sturdy and small enough to hide. Since it is real human hair it is so silky and soft and when I brush it through it blends perfectly and doesn't snag. I am excited that I can curl it and straighten it as well. Overall for my first experience with extensions I am happy. I am not sure how much wear I will get out of mine but if you love extensions I would really recommend this brand the quality is amazing!


If you are interested in buying Hairtrade extensions I have a 15% off code for my readers! Just enter lk32m at checkout!

NYC Photo Diary

      Another amazing weekend spent in NYC. Dreaming about it still wishing I was back there. This past weekend I went out for a birthday trip/random trip/work trip and ended up doing a test shoot out there as well as being able to see NYU again. I had so much fun and wanted to share some quick shots I took of beautiful autumn in the city.

^^ This is the first time I had seen our apartment out there decorated. It is too cute

^^ I wore one of my new favorite Zara dresses one day you can buy it here 

On Saturday I walked to a market set up on 21st street and then to the Chelsea market. I love the artists booths and small knick knacks I found. So cute and unique


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