Summer Lovin'

     If I had one wish it would to be to have this summer last forever. I have been having the most relaxing summer of my life, basically in a swim suit everyday. I got this cute suit from Forever Unique and am so head over heels for it. I had to shoot vintage looking pictures because of the retro feel of this suit. From the high waist to the jewel on top, this is my new summer wardrobe. 

Shop the suit here

Happiness + Me

           Recently an online shop called Happiness Boutique reached out to me to collaborate. I loved their jewelry (notice my necklace) but I also loved their name. It got me thinking about what really makes me happy? When someone asks us this we can easily give them a list of things we don't even really think about i.e. friends, family, my job etc but what really really makes someone happy? For me it has been the constant search to keep up with myself. Now I get that sounds a little crazy, but my mind is always spinning and ideas are flowing and that means what I want is always changing. This leads me on a wild goose chase to figure out what I want to do today, and the rest of my life, but it kind of makes me really happy. How lucky am I to have a life where I get to decide what to do and how to live it. That is exciting and while I am nervous for the future and decisions I have to make in the next few months, I am happy.

         Now as for the outfit, I was inspired by this graphic wall to wear blacks and greys with my statement necklace. (aka the cutest necklace known to man) Happiness Boutique offers free shipping as well so make sure to go check them out here.

Necklace // Top Similar // Shorts // Boots // Bralette


       Today is a day of leftovers.... leftover stripes from the fourth of july, leftover flags in the flower pot and some leftover pictures that I completely forgot I had but so glad I do! This week is a veryyyyy busy week for me doing three photoshoots (two for you guys!!) and lots and lots of errands and things to get done. On busy summer days you can usually find me in something like this, jean shorts and a hat are my go to's lately (and always as you guys know). Wish me luck this week sending you good vibes lets do this people!