Function Meets Fashion


       When function meets fashion the gods above sing praises. Everyone knows phrases such as "beauty is pain" but to me that is just a load of crap. I think fashion show be what you are comfortable in. But fashion also is glamorous and luxurious. Is there a way to combine the two?

       Meet your new best friend - the Park Avenue "classic six" iPhone case/wristlet/cardholder oh and .... lipstick holder (totally my favorite part). These type of phone cases that function as wallets are all over the place but this is the best quality product I have used. I have the matte classic six for my iPhone 6 and the silver crossbody chain added to make it a little more functional for a girl on the move. I was so grateful to receive this and didn't expect to fall in love as much as I did. So thank you Park Avenue Accessories, you just found yourself a new fan!

     I let the function of this crossbody inspire my outfit. I wore my favorite joggers with a loose tee. Oh and it also happens to sum up my life (eat, sleep, blog, repeat). With my outrageous Fur hat it become luxurious and something that is playful as well as fashionable. Definitely a new favorite look.

Happy hump day kittens xx


Jogger Similar // Booties // Top Similar // Hat Similar (mine is from Zara) // Crossbody


       Proportions are key to any risky outfit. A midi is such a statement piece, paired with a cropped top it doesn't cut your legs off instead it lengthens them in a way I thought a midi never could! I love my pink skirt paired with black and greys, so the skirt does all the talking. Comfy socks add to the sweaters laid back feel (and makes for a happy girl I am a sucker for a good sock).  

         On another note, happy Monday! I hope you all start this week off with a bang. I know Monday's always get me down but, remember they are only as bad as you make them. I'm looking forward to heading to NYC this Friday! I can't wait you guys. For now though enjoy the three fashion posts I have planned for this week, they are some of my favorites! Have a great day kittens xx


Skirt similar (on sale!) // Top similar // Booties // Socks

School Attire

      Sometimes I wonder... If I went to public school would I attempt to look cute everyday? While getting dressed after my dance class first period into this outfit I thought wow, this must be what public school is like. I know, not quite but a girl can dream. I have gone to private catholic school all my life which comes with a uniform and dress code. The only days we don't have to wear it is mass days. While the dress code is still in place our usual polos are traded in for dresses or in my case a blazer. I styled an all white top with grey skinnies and my favorite boots, because celebrating God deserves some glitter.

Blazer // Jeans (on sale!) // Boots (on sale!) // Necklace // Bag