New In

       About a month ago I was shopping around with my friend Katie and found this adorable Romper and fell in love. I can't believe it took me this long to post about it on my blog, but you may have seen me in it in a few instagrams or my picture from my last post!

        While I love finding these items in store I found that lately my new obsession has been shopping online at places like Simons. It is just so easy for me especially being in college now with 1,000 things to do a day (literally). Shopping is just a hit or miss in stores and honestly what is more fun than laying in bed browsing endless rows of dresses.... nothing guys... nothing.

And She's Off

       Tomorrow at 9 am I am leaving my childhood home in Colorado and setting off on an adventure to the city (New York City to be exact). I am moving for college, and that has been my dream forever. But I have to be honest with you guys, with the excitement of a new adventure there is also a little bit of something I have been keeping from you - while I still have my city dream (um hey blog name) I also have some other things I want to do first. What does this mean? Well I am taking my new college one semester at a time, right now I'm not sure if a full year in New York is part of my plan, but I am doing my best. This is my space, but a lot of you have found it your space as well which I love! So because of that, I don't want to let anyone down or surprise you all come December. I haven't given up my dream, I just am 18 and figuring it out. Ok enough of the deep stuff...

     On a lighter note, this summer has been one of the best things I could ask for. From amazing opportunities on my blog to finding my best friend, life in Colorado has been good. I'll be home soon and hopefully call New York City home later in life, but for now I am off on my extended vacation and can't wait to bring you along. Thank you guys for making high school 10x better when I had this space to come to and be creative. I hope you stick around for this next journey because its about to get crazy.....

Back To School + Office Depot and OfficeMax


       Feeling confident on the first day of class is really important to me. This year it is even more important as I enter into my first year of college. Let me tell you guys... I am a nervous wreck! But thanks to Office Depot and OfficeMax I have my school supplies checked off the list. Not only do I have all the supplies I need at great low prices, but I also have them in fun and fresh designs that fit a fashion lover like me. It was a one stop shop to get everything I needed and I love the selection this year at their stores.

     I have glammed this semester thanks to the Divoga® Gold Struck fashion collection. (I mean honestly fashion is in the name guys... how perfect!) I picked out their blue folder, camo print notebook, double sided pencil pouch and a composition book. I also did a little DIY to take this years school supplies one step further.

       One thing I have realized over the years is planners can be quite pricey. This year on a college budget I decided to take my adorable composition book and turn it into a planner. To do this you need: Washi tape, a colored sharpie, variety of mini sticky notes, and a composition book. I found all of these things at Office Depot and OfficeMax! I taped the sticky notes to the inside cover and labeled each one with the task I wanted it to represent! Then I wrote the week at the top of the page and then the dates along the side giving each day four lines of space (enough to fit the sticky note). Thats it! An easy DIY planner that is customized to your needs.

This post is sponsored by Office Depot, Inc. and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make With A City Dream possible!