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Nude // White 

Nude // White 

     Ok secret: the text you are reading right now I wrote in advance, whoooops, but I just keep looking at my bloglovin numbers going up and realizing I am almost at 2,000! I am to excited to contain myself. Well when your reading this I have hit 2,000 and probably still laying on the ground in shock. As someone who is grateful for pretty much everything you guys know what this means to me. For some that may seem like a small milestone, but for me that means 2,000 of your shining faces have a bloglovin account and have taken the time to follow me. With this in mind I have reached a point where my daily total subscribers (the amount of people aware of each time I post) has almost reached 3,000. I am so proud that you guys take the time to hear my voice and see my style. I hope you keep coming back for more as we grow and learn on this journey together. Thanks for everything! Feeling the love. Now off to New York to spend time with family and my favorite city.

ps excuse the random picture that has nothing to do with this text above... I just thought it was cute hehe

Effortless w/ Lily Jade

     While I am not a mom and do not need a diaper bag, I am a purse hoarder and a fashion lover. So when I came across an amazing brand of leather bags I fell in love. Lily Jade stole my heart and gave a whole new meaning to my favorite word: effortless. You guys hear me throw that out a lot to describe style because that is what I think of my style as. Something that looks amazing but you can just throw it on. Effortless also means practical and this bag is exactly that. Not being a mom I don't have tons of baby things to carry around, but I am a student and constantly am on the go and in need of all my junk. This bag organizes it and makes sure it is getting from point A to B in the coolest way possible. I am all about bags that are not only beautiful but useful and I love that I was able to use this bag in a new way than what it was intended for but still appreciate it! My favorite part about this bag is how you can wear it two ways both of which I showed. It turns from an adorable backpack to a crossbody or short strap purse! (WAIT AND HELLOOO look at that adorable beaded tassle) So much love was put into each of these bags and I can feel it. I am a fashion lover and Lily Jade YOU are my new obsession. Effortless, practical and beyond stylish

Bag // Leggings // Top // Hat // Shoes // Necklace Similar Here and Here

A Little Mismatched

       About a week ago I had a fitting for a fashion show I was walking in and I was in a rush when I realized that I had to be there in thirty minutes and I was still in my sweats... in bed... with my eyes glued to Grays Anatomy (seriously that show is taking over my life). But in a rush I threw on some heels grabbed my bag, a coat and ran out the door. A little mismatched yes but honestly this is one of my favorite outfits I have put together. Isn't that how life works when you aren't even trying sometimes the best things can happen. 

Ps enjoy my little moment of insanity below (what pose is that?)

Jacket // Top // Leggings // Heels Similar Here and Here // Backpack // Keychain

Weekend Sales

I have been loving sharing these weekend sales with you all lately and you all seem to love it too so this week I have more! I put together three fall/winter outfits I love all with items on sale from some of my favorite online stores! Shop them by clicking the item below the picture and entering the codes at checkout! Hurry these only last two more days! Happy shopping xx

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