Using Right Now

Things I am using right now….

1. This face mask from Glam Glow. I put it on three times a week at night and wake up with BABY SOFT skin – pricey but so dang good

2. Speaking of baby soft…. This foot mask is both terrifying and satisfying. I have used it once before and loved it – so round two started tonight! Pray for cold weather so my peeling skin doesn’t fall out of my flip flops (too far? lol)

3. This foundation. I talked about it in my last video here but I still love it with a good tan.

4. Tan you say? I just got into this cool wet skin tanning lotion and it works SO well. I am pale but use medium to dark to get that good tan ;)

5. The Target website – this may be weird but I am gearing up for a move and it has me inspired to redecorate. I am obsessed with plants, plants and plants. My favorites? This, this and this.

6. Youtube to watch my favorite vloggers. I get so many people addicted to the teen parent vlogger train – it is fascinating. I love KKandBabyJ and OKBaby (strange but amazing)

7. Instagram – mostly for stalking these days but I did just hit 12k which was so cool! Thanks guys!

 That is a little summary of my most used things in my life right now! Enjoy the rest of your week xo.

Glamping with Stella!


You guys I am on a high from these 24 hours and looking at the pictures makes it all the better. I always say I am adventurous but in practice I can be kind of lame so for me to book this amazing 24 hours was exciting and terrifying. I was contacted by Glamping With Pets from Glamping Hub to take a little pet friendly getaway with my girl Stella and I was able to choose wherever I wanted from their site. I spent like an hour going through everything and I finally pulled the trigger on AN AIRSTREAM

It was such a bold decision (for me half of you guys might be like - what??) but I knew Jon would come along and protect me from axe murders so I went for it. It was three hours south of Denver and only an hour away from the sand dunes which I have always wanted to see. It was so cute (even with twin beds lol) and definatley going to be something I remember forever! Plus Stella LOVED IT!

Thank you so much Glamping Hub for letting me make these memories it truly is so special to use this blog to take me places I never thought I would be able to go!

Shop My Outfit: flare pants // booties // tshirt (almost identical) // leggings // hat // stripe sweater (on sale) // aviators (the best find I love these!)


^^ Jon is like what the heck and Stella is loving those kisses haha


^^ this was right next to the airstream - cutest property ever!


Spring Overalls!


I wanted to add ten exclamation points after overalls because I am so smitten with these. I picked them up at Patterns and Pops at their NEW STORE! Yes I said that write STORE. I  am so excited for them - it is beautiful and if you are in Denver it is a must see. This weekend they are having an opening party on Saturday at 5 at their new store located at: 1620 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202

I wore this look to class and then run some errands - like get my hair done!! Luis from Vida Salon did it for me and I am obsessed it needed a major face lift and he went above and beyond what I was hoping (which really wasn't too much change because I am not that brave!) I hope you all are enjoying your week XO 


Overalls Patterns and Pops // Bag Zac Posen // Chocker Brandy Melville


March Favorites + Giveaway

Happy April! I am so excited to share my March favorites and a fun giveaway with you all! Watch the video to find out what you can win (before it was even released) and enter with the rules below! *this is not sponsored I just love you guys*

How to enter the giveaway:

1) follow me on Instagram (here)

2) Like my most recent image (the one with the giveaway product)

3) Enter you instagram handle below

I will pick a winner on April 7th! Goodluck xo