Small Bathroom Tricks + Tour

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Hello lovey human beans! I have a youtube video that just went up with a whole apartment tour but I wanted to go into depth on the bathroom a bit more because I never thought we would survive sharing a small bathroom together on our first go at living together but it has been really ok!


I love how our little space turned out and here are a few things that helped make it work:

Storage can be simple

Don’t overthink it! Pick up dollar store containers for your drawers it helps so much just to separate items out! I also really love using amazon for mine and I have linked some down below that I use in my drawers and in my makeup basket! Also we were lucky to have this sink with drawers that the in-laws picked out and it really helps that we didn’t have to build in spaces!

Maximize space

Above our closet we had a bunch of space so instead of letting it go to waste I found some baskets from target that make it work functional but is also simple and aesthetic! I also used the back of the toilet as some storage for a diffuser and my little basket that holds my cotton pads for my face cleansing.

Add personal touches

Jon and I really love plants and so to us that was the perfect touch. We added in a fake plant that I put on a stand that I found on Etsy as well as a fresh aloe plant with a $1 potter from Home Depot! I also have a little dish that was a gift that I love to put my rings in at night.

I hope you guys enjoyed a new type of post! Thanks to Brooklinen for giving me the inspiration with their GORGEOUS fluffy towels! I just did and IG post for them and you guys can use the code ‘emmaw20’ for $20 off and free shipping!


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A California Day in my Gordmans


Friday in the Sonoma area was one of the best California day. We started out going to a vineyard and watched in a matter of fifteen minutes the fog roll back over the mountains to reveal the most beautiful scene. In my opinion there is very little as beautiful as rolling hills covered in rows of grapes. We toured the grounds which was built in the belief that organic is best (love) and then sat down for a tasting. After that we drove to a bay where we enjoyed fresh crab sandwiches as we saw sailboats coming and going. Nearby there was a beach and as the clouds were coming in just in time for Jon, Erica and I to totally conk out for an hour for the most blissful nap. On our way back to our house we stopped for saltwater taffy. I hope to live this day again and again!

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Now for the best part… my outfit. You all know I have talked a lot about Gordmans before - find the posts here and here. I wanted to create a summer look that was easy, breezy and perfect for vacation. I love this skirt because it kept me warm in the morning but the material is very breathable + leopard is a neutral in my mind. I paired it with a white denim jacket that I know I will be reaching for all year long and the cutest new sunnies! All of the items were bought at a serious discount that you can get EVERYDAY at Gordmans!

You can learn more about why Gordmans is your one stop shop for home decor, clothing and more here.

I also have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to my sister Halle who helped me shop for this look!!


Dallas Stay at the Adolphus Hotel


24 hours of luxury & history

A peek into our stay with the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas

We had the best time last weekend in Dallas. We were originally going for the Thomas Rhett concert since it is only a four hour drive from Tulsa, but the adopts reached out and we couldn’t believe our luck! We were able to stay in the most beautiful hotel that is SO full of history. According to our bartender (whom I loved) the hotel was built in 1912 and even contains a baby grand piano that was originally a twin but the other one went down with the titanic on the way to the hotel !! so crazy.

Current day though there is so much to see and do right in the hotel. They have an incredible rooftop pool, spa, restaurants, coffee and more. We had brunch at the City Hall restaurant and you all NEED to go to try the cinnamon roll French toast. Overall it was such a nice break and much needed for my mental health.

Oh! and did you see our buddy who came too - the hotel is pet friendly!!


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His & Hers: Year Out Wedding Prep


* this post was guest written but edited and loved by me!*

Congratulations! You are engaged and ready to tackle the scary, yet exciting mountain that is wedding planning. It may feel impossible to plan an event this major and still manage to stay sane. However, setting out a realistic timeline can be extremely helpful in getting you one step closer to your perfect wedding day. Keep in mind, it’s never too early to start your planning and many couples even create homemade checklists or download helpful apps to keep them organized. Whatever method you choose, be mindful of what this day is about, and remember to have fun!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of tips that both the bride and groom should keep in mind 12 months before they say “I do!”


Upgrade your hair care  

With 365 days to spare until the wedding, the last thing on a guy’s mind is their grooming routine. In most cases, haircuts and shaves are saved for the days leading up to the big day. In order to avoid being stuck with a look you’re unhappy with on your wedding day, establish some sort of regime for yourself ahead of time! For starters, invest in an aid that can help hair growth. This will give you the best head of hair for your barber to work with. When the wedding inches closer, discuss with your barber the perfect timing to receive your pre-wedding haircut, so you are able to have the ideal length as you stand at the altar.


Choose your wedding party   

For some grooms, selecting their groomsmen is a piece of cake. However, contrarily, this can be very tricky for others. Choosing between friends and family can bring out some awkward conversations. Not only does the group dynamic matter, it’s also important to choose a group that will support you throughout the stressful months ahead. It’s crucial to try and steer clear of any one that could get too drunk on your wedding day - remember these groomsmen will be representing you and your bride!


Establish a beauty regime

A year out is around the perfect time to begin establishing your beauty routine as a bride. If you wait too long, you run the risk of a product not being effective, or even worse having a bad reaction. Giving yourself about a year allows some wiggle room to get the right product for your unique complexion. Skin issues may vary and many blemishes can be treated with over the counter products. However, if you’ve tried several different products with no relief, consider a prescription acne treatment designed to tackle your specific problem areas. With the right treatment plan, you can ensure your skin is looking flawless just in time to say “I Do!”


Create your planning squad

Whether you hire a wedding planner, enlist your bridesmaids, or include your fiance, establishing your planning squad 12 months from your wedding is crucial. There will be a lot of tough decisions to make along the way so it is important to select a group you can trust to provide you with the necessary support. From choosing between a band or DJ, to deciding on your floral arrangement, you will be looking for honest advice to guide you!


This will be the happiest day of your life, it’s important to feel fully prepared and to feel your best while doing it!