My Engagement Ring Details & The Process

Finally I have this post ready for you guys! I wanted to wait until The Diamond Reserve launched their new (gorgeous) website to share all about my ring and the process of talking about engagement to actually wearing this beauty everyday. Of course this ring is just a material item and being engaged to Jon tops everything but I must say - it doesn’t hurt to look down and see this everyday ;).

When Jon and I first discussed engagement I knew that we should go to see my friend Kaleigh from The Diamond Reserve because I had worked with her in the past and knew she did custom rings. This means whatever Jon’s budget was she could work with it and make a totally custom ring of my dreams! On top of this The Diamond Reserve works really hard to educate diamonds buyers and only provide top of the line diamonds and rings - if you are thinking about buying a diamond watch this video!

Everyone is different and honestly I don’t know what is “typical” but Jon and I decided to go hear what Kaliegh had to say and learn as much as we could before Jon went off on his own to work with Kaleigh on my ring. I didn’t know the budget, timeline or anything besides that I strongly encouraged a round diamond and gold band! They came up with the most precious ring I could imagine.

I am such a simple girl when it comes to jewelry and I knew that anything with a halo is not my type of ring. I have a stunning round solitaire sitting high enough that my wedding band will go flesh against it. The detailing of the band makes it more than just a solitare ring and was actually featured in Popsuger as a trend for 2019 (yes that’s my exact ring EEK!). Overall there is no where else I would go in Denver or anything I would’ve done differently & Jon agrees. He was so confident working with Kaleigh and was even able to ship the ring to Tulsa so I never had a chance to see it before the big day!

I am no expert so seriously please inform yourself before shopping at a big box retailer for a ring because nothing is worse than a yellow diamond or something that will fade and is SO upcharged!


Weekly Workout Schedule


In case you missed my video vlogging a week of workouts (watch it here) I decided to create another post for you all! Mostly because this Fabletics outfit is too cute not to share too ;) Also you guys are always asking for more workout content so here you go!! You can shop my full look from Fabletics (even the shoes) it is all part of their December collection!

Now as a side note: I don’t follow this every week, but it has been what I have done for the past little bit and I seriously notice a difference in my strength, energy and back issues! Hallelujah


Cutest workout clothes under $50:


The Truth About Being Engaged in College

Smooth Smoothies-3.png

If you told me at 12 I would be engaged at 22 I would’ve said - I hope so! But if you told me my freshman or even sophomore year of college that I would be engaged before I graduated I would’ve laughed right in your face - no wayyy.

A little background: I grew up with lots of cousins on my mom’s side who are older than me and was so lucky to see them find love, get engaged, married and have babies young. My parents were engaged right out of college and married a year later. So growing up ‘21’ felt like the time you just got married and then you had babies. I don’t think I realized that I was surrounded by that culture and in mainstream culture today there is no “correct” timeline for people to be engaged and have babies.

So here I am having my 12 year old dream come true, but I will admit sometimes it is a bit crazy. For one, being engaged is something that I thought would make me feel grown up. Like, BOOM ring on the finger my life is figured out. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I know I love Jon. I know I can’t wait to call Tulsa home, but last night I also ate a family size bag of pretzel M&M’s for dinner? AKA I am working on the grown up thing.

That being said I love that not a lot has changed. Yes I now have something that is a promise forever on my hand, but when I started classes this quarter it was business as usual. I defiantly caught myself being conscious of my ring (especially in my mostly freshman art class) but overall no one seems to pay much attention to it - or me!

While a lot of my family may have gone down this path it is defiantly rare at the University I attend. I know of one other girl who was engaged in college and married shortly after graduation. My friends are SO supportive but a lot of them still want to just be seniors in college (which I do too, I just don’t need to hit up the single bars). I was talking to Jon’s sister about her southern school sorority and how there are at least 10 girls engaged before graduation and it defiantly made me think - would I even be writing this post if I didn’t attend my school?

Bottom line for me is I truly don’t care what other people think about this. I am so confident in Jon and I’s decision to take the next step that all the negative thoughts in the world couldn’t bring me down about this one. I also have been overwhelmed with the acceptance and excitement I have been greeted with about this step from my friends, family and especially my sorority. In times like these the positive over shines ANY negative.

This was a bit of a mash up of thoughts, but I wanted to be honest with you guys. I am 22, engaged and HAPPY but I am also just a college student trying to get to graduation so I can start my life with my fiancé.


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SHŌR - Skip the Plastic Wrap

I am SO excited to talk about SHŌR a reusable beeswax wrap that allows you to skip the plastic wrap and save the ocean shores! They are reusable and come in a wide range of patterns (all of which I am dying to buy) + bonus points for the creators not only being a family I look up to but also my cousin whom I love and adore.

I am wary to even tell you guys about our connection because these products speak for themselves! Each wrap can last up to a year with regular use and simply need a rinse with water if they get messy! You can cover anything you would normally store with plastic wrap such as fruits, veggies, bread, baked goods and more.

If you are as passionate as I am about 1) products that save you money 2) products that save the environment and 3) Supporting family entrepreneurs then pick up your own wraps here.

For the next week use my code “citydream10” for 10% off your order!


Did I mention that a set is only $15?! NO EXCUSES guys! Which pattern should I get next?


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