Midnight Rambler Clothes & Home (Discount code!!)


I had the pleasure of shooting for Midnight Rambler Boutique in Denver last week and really enjoyed it. I had originally gone into their store to shop for some clothes and a cool hat or two but ended up WAY over buying for a home Jon and I don’t even own yet (oops! But check out that haul in my first vlog here). I truly love the quality and esthetic of the items carefully selected. They are unique and feel so special. ALSO they are opening an AirBnB which is where some of these images were shot called the Rambler Retreat and you guys are going to flip when you see it all done - I am already trying to figure out how to secretly move in!

All these photos were shot by Shelby Borer Photography check her out on Instagram here

You can shop Midnight Rambler clothes and home in their Denver location, on their Instagram, and online! Use my code RAMBLEREMMA for 20% off your order but hurry because it expires next week!



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Happy Belated Valentine's Day


Happy belated Valentine’s day everyone. I hope you hugged someone and told them you loved them not just yesterday but everyday! Jon and I celebrated early so we could avoid the craziest night out and just spent our evening snuggling Stella! I shot this look for ASOS and shared it on IG yesterday, but I wanted to give you all the links to the pieces on here as well! Happy weekend!!


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Hi, I am Emma and I am Addicted to Animal Print


I never though I would be in the situation. Where did it start? How did it get so far? Questions that haunt me as I ask myself every morning looking in the mirror at the hint (or head to toe) animal print on my body. Is this too Snookie? Is this Fashion? One will never know. What I can say is I am Emma and I will probably not get rid of this addiction anytime soon….


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Vlog 3: Why I got Lip Injections & The Process

Well yes… I got lip injections and I have NO regrets. Dr. Buford at Beauty by Buford in Denver is a PRO! Not only does he go around teaching others about the filler and how to properly inject he is just all around a great person to meet with and trust to do something to serious (in my opinion) to my face! I talk more about why I decided to go for this in the video but in case you don’t watch the whole thing here are my disclaimers:

1) Me choosing to do this has nothing to do with wanting to look different than myself

2) I am not saying you need to get lip injections

3) anyone’s opinion on this is their own and they are 100% entitled to feel however way they want about this - it is not my opinion to change! The only person I control is myself

You can check out Dr. Buford on Instagram here and his website here




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