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Hello my beautiful and wonderful blog readers! I am so sorry I have been MIA and am not even going to offer you an excuse - life just happened. As I write this I am sitting at my favorite coffee shop and fighting mad jet lag from our trip to Switzerland (not complaining though gimme that jet lag every week for a trip like that!). I have four days until I need to pack my bags again for Mexico and our “engagement-moon” or practice honey moon as I like to call it (totally making that a thing). I am so excited but wow life is starting to slow down and speed up simultaneously.

If you have been following me the past few months you may be annoyed at how much I discuss my upcoming move, but I do have some new followers and I do want to talk about it again - so bear (bare?) with me people! Tomorrow Jon is moving into my apartment making tonight my last single girl living in my own apartment night forever. Guys I just got CHILLS. That is crazy to me. I am so glad that I have lived alone the past two years and lived out of my house in an apartment for the past three. I feel like I am ready to move (literally) into this next challenge but I don’t think I will ever shake the feeling that this is surreal.

When we get back from Mexico I have such a short time with my friends and family left before we move to Tulsa for the foreseeable future. Very crazy. I don’t know if I just don't pay attention, but I don’t know many people who move somewhere for good - like unless something crazy happens and I mean never say never but Tulsa is my new home and the home of our family and our future family. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but that doesn’t mean my stomach isn’t churning with a mix of butterflies and pure nausea.

I have been hit with waves of anxiety/nostalgia that past 24 hours when I’m driving, in bed, in the middle of the night and just so randomly. Everything is starting to feel lighter and airier but not in a comforting way. I know that change is good but I also know that change is hard. The good news is this time, this change, isn’t alone. I have my two side kicks (Jon and Stella) going through the same thing and I have them at home everyday to look forward to.

I think right now I am shaken at the idea that I finally feel really confident in my mental health, very comfortable in my routine and beyond supported by the people in my life. I don’t want to give it up - mostly because the idea of having to build a new support system sounds daunting as hell. I hope it comes quick but I know that nothing will replace Rosie, Sophie, Tasha, my family and so many more. Those people are the real deal and if any of you are reading THANK YOU for helping me be a better me - I owe the past year of my favorite memories to you guys.

I guess that was a blip of random thoughts but it feels so good to be pounding it out on the keyboard, I hope to have another update in a year bragging about everything amazing that has come into my life but for now I am going to shed a tear in the bathroom of this coffee shop and then keep going. Signing off!


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A Week in Outfits

Happy Monday! I wanted to share a few of my outfits from last week - honestly I always find myself in leggings or sweats at the end of the day, but between work and blogging I do get a chance to dress up and play a bit! I linked everything I am wearing below - just click on the image to shop, but if the item wasn't online I found the closest I could.

Also I always am adding outfits to my ‘shop my outfits’ page on my blog! (you don’t need to sign up for anything to shop these images!!)


Workout sets are my JAM this one is from LA Collective but I linked some others below!

From hosting my Kendra Scott event in my new favorite shoes from Steve Madden!

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Again the shoes make an appearance from a dinner with Pixi! I love these jeans but lowrise? Unsure if we should go back down this path! I got them from thred up - my favorite place lately! My top is here

Finally a work looks featuring my favorite hat! Still out of stock on Amazon but is linked below!


Rejuvenation Retreat at the Oxford Hotel

Friday, June 21, 2019 to Sunday, June 23, 2019 you all will have the opportunity to get away, reconnect and enjoy the best weekend! Recently a group of influencers and our friends/partners were invited to try out the new programming to give our feedback, but most importantly escape and enjoy! Jon and I had the best time and wish it was a day longer so we are so jealous of everyone booking for this June! You can find all the information on the upcoming retreat here, but you can read about our 24 incredible hours below!


When we arrived we were greeted in our room with bee products grown by the chef at urban farmer and a book of our schedule for the next 24 hours! I added a little rundown for you all here:


First up was our life coach session! Sylvaine Hughson was so warm and created a wonderful environment. It was a great time for self reflection and I am so glad I had the chance to sit down and think through where I am at and where I want to go. After her session it was the perfect time for a massage & Jon to experience his first one! The Oxford club and spa is STUNNING! It was such a hidden gem to me.


Dinner was so fresh and yummy - Urban Farmer never disappoints! The chef was wonderful and each course was done to perfection. Seriously by the time it was over I was in the biggest food coma! I was so ready for yoga in the AM back at the Oxford Club and another delicious breakfast!


It was so hard to leave in the morning! Thank you to The Oxford Hotel, Sylvaine Hughson, The Urban Farmer and The Oxford Club and Spa for completely spoiling Jon and I!


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How to Include Your Fiancé in the Wedding Planning


Especially when he/she *may* not have of dreamed of this day forever. While you may think that your partner wants nothing to do with the wedding planning, this is an exciting process that you’ll want to do together! You don’t want to get overwhelmed and burnt out just because you tried to do everything yourself, so enlist the help you can get. There are certain things you won’t need (or want) his help on, like finding a wedding dress, but ask for his help in other aspects. For some ideas on how to get your fiancé involved in the planning, try these tips!

 Talk budget

Easily one of the most important wedding aspects you should get your partner’s input on the budget. Your future is starting together as a couple, and you don’t want to go spending money before having a discussion. Before any planning, sit down with your husband-to-be and talk budget. Come up with an amount that you’re both comfortable with, and consider what funds you’ll be getting from your family members as well. Set aside a specific dollar amount for each aspect of the wedding so you can stay on track and not overspend. You might think it’s worth it to spend $5,000 on flowers, but your partner might think that’s unreasonable, so it’s important to be on the same page before booking anything.

 Ask for his/her opinion

Even if you think they may go with what you want still take the time to talk to your partner about what he/she wants out of this wedding. If your partner really wants an open bar or is set on a chocolate cake, always be sure to see what he wants when making decisions. This is their wedding too, after all! Even better: ask what kind of venue he or she is looking for before setting up tours. That way, you’re sure you won’t have him walk into the venue on the day of the nuptials and be completely shocked by all of the work you did.

 Pick out your gifts

It may seem easier to just go to the store or go online and register all on your own for the things you know you need. Make registering into a date night so it’s time you can spend together. If you decide to register online, get into your cozy clothes and sit on the couch with some wine while picking out linens and fine china (or in our case ALL the cool coffee makers). Or if you’d rather go see the items in person, head to whichever store you want to register at and revel in the feeling of scanning everything you want! Afterward, go out for dinner or some drinks to really maximize the time you’re spending together.

 Let your partner plan something on their own

There are plenty of tasks that you’ll need to get done, and might be working on yourself throughout the wedding planning. Give your partner something you can get done on his own. Giving him a sense of responsibility with help him feel a part of things, and will also help you check another to-do off your list! You could ask your fiancé to plan the honeymoon and research options that the two of you will both enjoy like us – after all Jon is much better at vacation planning than I am. You can give him some guidelines to stick to, like a vacation that will allow you to unwind, but also have fun and enjoy all of the amenities you’re looking for, like an all-inclusive cruise. The best part is, when the wedding day is all said and done, you get to head off on your honeymoon knowing it was thoughtfully planned by your new spouse!

 Get crafty together

Use your wedding planning as a way to find new hobbies you can enjoy that allow you to spend time together. If you’re doing any DIYing for your decorations, enlist the help of your fiancé. Make it a DIY day and lay out all of the materials you need to accomplish your projects. Make your own centerpieces for your reception if you can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere, or DIY signs that will give your decor that extra something you’re looking for. You’ll have fun while doing it, and you’ll accomplish another thing on your list--together!

 Plan the seating chart

You won’t only need your guy’s help at the beginning of the planning with all of the major decisions. Include him in on the decisions that need to be made in the months leading up to the wedding, like the seating chart. This job is easier done with two people, as you can get a second opinion on where best to place everyone. He’ll be able to give insight on what table and location are best for his members of the family, and might be able to help figure out how to organize both sets of friends so that everyone will get along. Keep in mind that tasks you think you can accomplish on your own can be made easier with a little help from your fiancé!


 Happy planning, and don’t forget to continue to follow along with my wedding planning process!