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Life is such a ride. Somedays I feel so lucky and some days I feel so empty and I wish I was being dramatic. I have already hammered to death what all has happened in this past month but being on the other side of so much change is leaving me a bit speechless. I opened up this blogpost document just to get as much off my chest as I could - so here we go.

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Moving sucks. I mean the physical lifting boxing and packing sucks, but even more painful is the stomach sinking feeling I have even thinking about my “old” life in my old home and realizing how much that makes me feel. I am really sad lately. I miss Denver more than I thought I would and to be honest, Tulsa is not as perfect as I wanted it to be. The problem is it didn’t change - I just didn’t. I am still me and to think that I could have changed into someone else while driving across state lines is not realistic. I am working on finding a way to feel like me in my new home.

Meanwhile… I am also planning a wedding that is 11 months away…

but seems to require an email or decision almost daily. I am trying my hardest to keep Jon involved but at the end of the day I find myself saying yes or no or emailing my Mom begging her to decide or research for me. Fortunately we hired some kick ass planners (Table 6 Productions) and I am really so grateful for them. I never wanted a big or fussy wedding but try as I might I am still such a lover of weddings at heart and that was unrealistc. Either way I am really excited for it to all come together.


Marriage* is hard…

I guess the last thing is to expand on my recent IG post here. I mentioned that ‘marriage’ is hard and even though we aren’t married - moving in together, to a new place and being engaged - feels pretty close. I truly love Jon and wouldn’t change him or our relationship for the world but SHIT. This is hard work to always being putting us first while still trying to find our new places in the world. I am so hopeful though that we will grow together and not apart over the next many many years to come.

So that is the ramble, I hope you enjoyed learning the inner monologue of my Sunday (lol). I love talking to you guys about these things so message me on IG or here and we’ll talk!!

ALSO should I do a tutorial on these waves?? LMK!


Nordstrom Anniversary SALE Picks

Happy almost weekend! I debated writing this post but asked you on Instagram and you all voted ‘YES’ so here we are! I know there is quite the conversation in the blogging community about the Nordstrom sale. It seems that there are influencers on one of two sides. Either you are leaving the store with 10 bags and doing story try ons (I wish!) or you are on your stories saying it is overhyped. I think I stand in the middle. I love Nordstrom because I do think they have a great variety, but yes this sale can be Christmas for bloggers.

Want to know the tea on why? We make commission off most of these links. And on anniversary sales Nordstrom will pay out up to 10% on each sale! Most of the links bloggers (at least myself) share are affiliate links so it is NOT just for Nordstrom or this sale, but when designer items that never go on sale do and you get someone who bought a $1,000 purse it can be big bucks!


Another insider secret is that some of the bloggers you see purchasing lots of items in store will return it after their stories - why I say go for it! As long as they aren’t wearing it out I don’t see the harm. My final “secret” is one I actually use and there is nothing that says you can’t! I often shop with my own affiliate links to get money back which is another reason bloggers can spend so much at the sale because they will not only be getting 10% back on their purchases, but assuming their followers purchase as well they can make almost all the money back and essentially have these items for free! Plus when fall comes they can link to the items and continue to ear a commission.

So that’s the “tea” and that being said… I went on the Nordy site and have some of my picks below. Instead of thinking about what would give me the most commission or what y’all would want (sorry) I just went ahead and picked out ONLY items I would buy myself! So have fun, be safe out there during the sale and remember that bloggers worked their butts off for these posts and to be nice!!

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Don’t “Should” on Yourself

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About two years ago I did a program that helped teach new skills to deal with anxiety and depression. While it was mostly a half ass job of group therapy it did teach me quite a few things and my favorite being the idea that we are always ‘shoulding’ on ourselves.

The basic idea is this – so much time is spent with our thoughts whether you are an anxious person or not. Sometimes our though sound like this: “I should be trying harder” “I should have a better job” or my favorite “I shouldn’t feel this way”. The only thing these thoughts do is make us feel bad because if there is a ‘should’ there is something that we are telling ourselves we are missing. We also often create a narrative that if we are missing something then we are not capable which is not true.

 This move has left me ‘shoulding’ on myself quite a bit. “I shouldn’t have done this” “I should like it right away” “I should be trying harder” and sometimes “I should just go home”. These thoughts make me feel SO bad. I feel less than, I feel incapable of making good decisions for myself and like I am a failure. In reality… “I may not like it now but it will get better” “Wow this was a big decision, but I am proud of myself for doing it” and even just “Shit, I am out of my comfort zone today, but that is O-K!”.

Thoughts have a way of spiraling, especially when they are negative. I am always trying to be nicer to myself and this practice is one that is particularly challenging but rewarding when I am able to figure it out! The only thing we ‘should’ be doing is whatever we need to love on ourselves.

 I challenge you to ask yourself when you ‘should’ what the real phase could be. Is it just a simple rewording once you take a step back? Or is it something that may not being going good and it is time to reach out and get support to turn your should around.

You are your best advocate, your own best friend and can’t be replaced – remember that today!!


Dallas Stay at the Adolphus Hotel


24 hours of luxury & history

A peek into our stay with the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas

We had the best time last weekend in Dallas. We were originally going for the Thomas Rhett concert since it is only a four hour drive from Tulsa, but the adopts reached out and we couldn’t believe our luck! We were able to stay in the most beautiful hotel that is SO full of history. According to our bartender (whom I loved) the hotel was built in 1912 and even contains a baby grand piano that was originally a twin but the other one went down with the titanic on the way to the hotel !! so crazy.

Current day though there is so much to see and do right in the hotel. They have an incredible rooftop pool, spa, restaurants, coffee and more. We had brunch at the City Hall restaurant and you all NEED to go to try the cinnamon roll French toast. Overall it was such a nice break and much needed for my mental health.

Oh! and did you see our buddy who came too - the hotel is pet friendly!!


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