Skater Girl?


I called Jon today and asked what he was doing when he told me he was at Target I INSISTED he check the skateboard section for this beauty. I have to admit when I get an idea for an Instagram in my head I cannot give it up and I am so happy with how these turned out! I was contacted by Zavala Customs to get this amazing jacket done and I love it! You can find her here to order your own piece and on Instagram here.



A Guide To Austin


We just got back from Austin, Texas where we spent a full 24 hours packed with activities. I wanted to share what we did because I gathered the best information from all of you guys and thought it would be fun to compile it into one post! 

First up... 

What to Do

I wanted to make sure we had plenty to do around the city because we had late and early check in times with our AirBnB. These were our favorites: 


1. Scooter Everywhere Austin has TONS of electric scooters that are the best (and most fun) way to get around. They are way cheaper than Uber and if you are only going a mile or two they are perfect. Our favorite was Lime with Bird being a close second. 


2. Barton Springs My sister had been to Austin and knew we had to go swim in Barton Springs, but here is the important pieces. SKIP THE POOL. You have to pay and it is such a long line. Just follow the trail down the creek and hop in the water. You may even find a good tree or rope swing to jump off of.

3. The Bats Ok now this one I was skeptical at first, but Jon was very into the idea. Right around sunset thousands of bats come out from under the Ann. W. Richards bridge. It is packed, but seriously a one of a kind experience. 

4. Museums Did I mention this was a birthday trip for Jon? Well I know he LOVES museums so they were a must for us. The two we visited and really enjoyed were the LBJ Presidential museum and the Texas History Museum. Walking distance from each other and both affordable for Students! 

5. Shopping  Another Jon must visit was Uncommon Objects a vintage store with well... uncommon objects! For me it was 2nd street district where I found the best designer clothes at a steals at United Apparel Liquidators (THIS IS A MUST SHOP!) 


6. Nightlife We were recommended 6th street and Rainey Street to go out. We ended up on Rainey and had a blast! I recommend bar hopping because each one is SO unique. We actually took a break to see the Bats and took a pedicab back it was hilarious and soooooo much fun! Also stop for doughnuts! 


7. Congress Avenue

This is where we started our trip and it is the perfect street to walk up and down. The highlights for me were the Saturday farmer's markets and a circus themed candy store. They also had great food options which leads me too.... 


Where to Eat

1. Jo's Coffee  Jon is convinced I only wanted to go here for the "I love you so much" sign, but it really was good coffee. Great patio to sit and catch a break from the heat too! 


2. Food Trucks There are so many food trucks in Austin I don't think I can begin to break them all down, but on Congress Avenue was my favorite Juice Austin which had a grilled cheese truck right next door for Jon! 


3. Resturants. Being there for such a short time we didn't have time to try everything out but the two places we went we were not disappointed. For dinner and drinks we headed to Javelina on Rainy street. For brunch the next day we went to Elizabeth Street Café a noodle infusion place that had a good brunch selection for the adventurous eater.


Where to Stay

I say Airbnb all the way! We loved being in SoCo and I loved the cute place I found! It fills up quick so book ahead of time here

Wow that is a lot now that I am looking at it! We had so much fun and can't wait for more summer weekend adventures! I also documented the trip on instagram so make sure you are following me there @emmawlker 


The D Word

Well hello, there old friends and my lovely column. Welcome back to where I update you on my mental health (mostly when I am in a hole or finally crawled my way out). This time is a little bit different. Per usual I want to tell my story in the hope of inspiring someone out there to know it is ok to feel what you are feeling and maybe even tell someone you love. But I am somewhere in the hole and somewhere almost out of it. So here we go...

The D-Word....

The word that has been thrown around every time I have to fill out a health evaluation form whether it be for my back, my anxiety, or a plain old check up. There is always that one box or the one word you have to circle because they need to know "have you experienced any of the following recently, the past year etc"

including depression.

A few months ago I never had to check that box because... well... I had anxiety and it sucked but I never was clinically depressed - until the pain came back and man did my pain come back. It had a deep vengeance. It needed to run through me and I was not ok with that. So what did I do? I found myself in a place where there were floods of tears, thoughts of hopelessness and so so soooo much fear, but this time it was different.

This time Jon couldn't hug me out of it or my therapy session didn't end with my head lifted a little higher. This time I found myself crying to doctor after doctor begging for someone to help me to fix me because I was broken. I was depressed.

Now I want to be clear. Just because you have signs of depression or are diagnosed as depressed DOES NOT mean you are broken. Broken is how I felt but - to you reading this right now I promise you there is nothing that can be so broken about you or your life that cannot heal. As I type those words there is a part of me that doesn't believe that, but there is a bigger part that has to.

This is not a victory story or a how to get over depression manual. This is just a story about a girl who has been writing about mental health for a while now and has a new box to check. A new challenge to take one and one more story to tell her kids about how she was resilient as fuck (sorry dad).

I believe in the power of time, the love of others and the strength in ourselves. There are days when I cannot even bring myself to shower and there are days where I feel like turning the music up louder because the sun is out. No matter what though there are just days and there is another coming for me tomorrow. Thank you for following my journey and always reach out to me if you want to talk. LOTS of love tonight,



Get Ready With Me

Hey guys in this video I sit and chat while I get ready and show you what products I use on my face when I do makeup for my blog pictures! Enjoy xo


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