Current Face Routine

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My current face cleaning routine consists of these three products

1) I love my 


 and I do believe it makes a HUGE difference in my skins clarity and all when I use it. I also just feel like it cleans out dirt and grime and lets my skin breathe

2) To use with my Clarisonic I found that simple face washes work best for my skin. I get worse breakouts when the wash is dyed or scented which led me to this wonderful product. Neutregena fresh foaming cleanser is so simple but so powerful. It cleans out my pores with pure ingredients not stuff that will clog it later

3) Finally to finish off my  cleansing I found that a toner works really well on my skin. This one also by Neutregena is alcohol free which again allows only pure ingredients to help not hurt my skin. The main use for this toner for me is to remove dead skin cells and tighten my skin. 


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