Lust Vs. Must

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 10.36.44 AM.png

Every time I see a Celine bag I die. I can't stop staring and ohh-ing and ahhi-ng. I will forever covet these bags and can't wait to invest in my own. But for now with my non existent income I settle for a VERY less expensive version. This LuLu bag on the right is one I actually own myself and adore! For only $40 this bag is a stunner. One thing to keep in mine is this bag is inspired by the original. It is NOT a knock off and has no branding of Celine on it. What is does have is an adorable pink interior and a very functional long strap. This bag is from a UK store HERE but can be found on Ebay and shipped to anywhere in the world. And of course if your like me... HERE is the Celine bag just in case you want to take an hour to stare....