Big Sexy Hair Product Review

     After a good response to my last hair product review I am back with another! Again while in Vegas I received lots of new hair products to try out. I was so impressed with Big Sexy Hair products and I know that this is a popular brand. I wanted to share my thoughts on my three favorite products and give you guys an idea of how they work!


1 - Volumizing Dry Shampoo

  • I am a firm believer in the power of a good dry shampoo. Being the lazy ass I am washing my hair is not always on my agenda. This product is made for girls like me. Dry shampoo soaks up the excess oil in your hair leaving it with a clean feel and look. This product in particular adds some umph to the roots. I use this by sectioning out the top layer of my hair. I spray this at the root and shake until it is absorbed. I repeat this as necessary. I highly recommend this product and have used it on the daily.

2 - Powder Play

  • I used to tease my hair everyday because naturally it lies very flat against my scalp. By doing that I was ripping out hair left and right and doing more damage than I every thought possible. Obviously I was not about to let my hair hang limp so I replaced my daily tease with this product. It is a powder that I apply to my roots and shake into my hair. It adds texture and poof and I swear by it. Just be careful when applying it because it comes out like baby powder and can make a mess if you are not careful.

3 - Spray and Stay

  • A good hair spray is a girl's best friend. After spending two hours on those perfect curls you want them to last all day. This heavy hold hairspray does just that. I personally love the smell of this product but it is a little strong. It doesn't leave my hair crunchy but it does produce amazing results. I also use this product after braiding my hair to keep it from having little pieces poking out throughout the day. Another highly recommended product!

Overall again SO impressed by this brand. The price point for these is a little high but the extra couple bucks is worth it for a product that is very high quality.


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