Chi Hair Products Review

       When I was on the reality show Global Beauty Master I received quite a few products. Some of them were these Chi products. After using them three times I decided to write a review for you all. I am no beauty blogger but I do have opinions and would love to recommend/warn you of certain products I use myself! So lets get into this

1 & 2 - Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner

  • I have used these two products in the shower two times now. The shampoo is great because it lathers but does not strip the hair and leave it with that straw like texture when it is overly cleaned. I like the smell because it is not too potent. As for the conditioner I have no strong feelings. My hair is super dry so I prefer to use a hair mask as my conditioner and this is not a heavy duty conditioner. I can see it working great for someone who doesn't have overly dry hair because it does smooth my hair and leave it feeling soft.

3 - Leave in Conditioner

  • This is a great product from this line. I always use a leave in conditioner and I used to use my holy grail Its A 10 leave in product. Now that I switched to this one I may have to permanently change. What is great about this product is it does not leave my hair greasy. I use a good amount more than recommended because like I mentioned above my hair is like the desert. I like to use this then let my hair air dry I find it works best that way.

4 - Iron Guard

  • This product is not from the keratin line but is a popular product by Chi. I have to say not being a hair expert I am not sure how much this is effecting my hair. I use it before I curl or flat iron it. I personally am not a fan of the overly greased and crunchy texture it leaves my hair before I apply the heat. Once the heat is applied that does go away (unsure if this is how all heat protectors work) but that couple minutes really grosses me out. Hopefully this is helping my hair stay healthy but no immediate results can be reported.

5 - Silk Infusion

  • This is my favorite product from the line. The silk infusion is a clear gel that can be used on wet or dry hair. I like to use in after I let my hair air dry with the leave in conditioner on. It moisturizes my hair like no other product I have ever tried before. I apply it to the bottom of my hair because it is a very greasy consistency I know it would not go well in my roots. Hands down best hair product from Chi.

Overall I am impressed. The price point of these products are great for a high end system. I will definitely be repurchasing and recommnend them to you all!


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