Effortless w/ Lily Jade

     While I am not a mom and do not need a diaper bag, I am a purse hoarder and a fashion lover. So when I came across an amazing brand of leather bags I fell in love. Lily Jade stole my heart and gave a whole new meaning to my favorite word: effortless. You guys hear me throw that out a lot to describe style because that is what I think of my style as. Something that looks amazing but you can just throw it on. Effortless also means practical and this bag is exactly that. Not being a mom I don't have tons of baby things to carry around, but I am a student and constantly am on the go and in need of all my junk. This bag organizes it and makes sure it is getting from point A to B in the coolest way possible. I am all about bags that are not only beautiful but useful and I love that I was able to use this bag in a new way than what it was intended for but still appreciate it! My favorite part about this bag is how you can wear it two ways both of which I showed. It turns from an adorable backpack to a crossbody or short strap purse! (WAIT AND HELLOOO look at that adorable beaded tassle) So much love was put into each of these bags and I can feel it. I am a fashion lover and Lily Jade YOU are my new obsession. Effortless, practical and beyond stylish

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