Modeling Debut

      No, not mine! My best friend's... Harley. If you haven't caught on yet Harley is my dog (the most adorable dog in fact). Now this modeling debut comes with a story... Once upon a time this girl was browsing through blogs and seeing the fashion lover's sweet pooches all over. I thought hey, my dog is cute lets force him to take pictures with me. Honestly, after that thought I should've known this is going south. Well Harley wasn't into the cute "walking" pictures, and definitely was paying more attention to anything other than the camera (ok, what did I expect). After being very frustrated I decided to tie his leash to my tripod. At this point your probably hitting your head because WHAT WAS I THINKING?? Not shockingly as soon as I started the timer and posing Harley decided he NOW wanted to be in the pictures and ran to me taking my camera and tripod with him. A broken camera later this modeling debut was... a bust. 

    So what was supposed to be a cute outfit post with my pup turned into a $300 mistake. But hey you can't be mad I mean look at that little stinkers face! ^^