Happy Sunday!

    Ah it's Sunday. A day to relax, chill out and then totally freak about the week of work or school ahead of you. Sundays are my favorite days to just take some time for myself. I turn on my favorite Spotify Playlist (which I added below for you all) and just relax. But what's even better than just staring at the wall and listening to that music? Online shopping and listening to that music! So of course I added some sales happening today and tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday kittens. (oh and have fun spending your December salary ;) And congrats to the winner of my Buxom giveaway Colleen Boudreau! Thank you all who entered and come back tomorrow for another one!



Anthropologie - 30% OFF w. code: EXTRAMERRY

Madewell - 30% OFF w. code: MERRIEST

C Wonder - 30% OFF + Free shipping

J. Crew - Up to 30% OFF w. code: MERRYMERRY

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