Reflective Army

Hello my fellow dreamers (can I start saying that? Dreamers? Get it?) Yesterday's New York look had an army flair. I love the army influence in fashion kinda makes me feel like a badass. Yesterday I also tried a new thing for me... reflective shades. My sister would vouch that if you asked me last month how I felt about these glasses I would mock throw up in disgust. I am ashamed to admit that blogs have a HUGE sway on my thoughts. For the last month these have been the "new thing". Does anyone else change their style after seeing it over and over on blogs? Or am I just easily won over. Hey it doesn't look bad. Go bloggers!

Shop my look below along with my favorite reflective glasses

Also anyone who knows me knows I am "the basic white girl". So guys guess what! Thats no Starbucks cup in my hand. I am becoming a true New Yorker!