Lately I have stopped responding to all my comments on my blog. This is a place where I want to be completely myself and honest with you guys... so on a subject I have addressed before: comments. I read all your comments and feel so good when my phone buzzes with a new comment. I can't help but smile knowing someone is looking at the work I put out there (sometimes even looking past being teased and made fun of by my peers). On the other hand sometimes bloggers get wrapped up in followers and page-views and comments instead of their work. I myself am one of those people. Because comments and followers make me feel so good sometimes I forget what is important. I don't blog for the comments I blog because I love it! So I found myself responding to all comments because on Squarespace (my blog host) it shows up as double the comments because of my response. It made me feel good seeing 60 comments instead of 30. BUT that's not what is important and I forgot that. I reached 900 bloglovin followers which is amazing! But it made me think I didn't start this blog to work with brands or have followers, I started it because I love fashion. So for now I am only responding to comments that ask a direct question about the outfit, post etc. This doesn't mean I don't read them all because I do! I try my best to reach out to those of you who ask me to check out their blog and I love doing that! As always you can get a faster response through the "contact me
tab above. Thank you all for understanding and your overwhelming support and love! It truely means the world to me

On a lighter note:

I was a stand out tourist in my Yankees ball cap Monday but I didn't care. I love the mix of people in New York. On each street you see something new and exciting. I wanted to mix up my outfit and try something I wouldn't normally do. I wore a fur vest, boyfriend jeans, ankle boots, and a ball cap. Random? Yes! Did it work? I think so :)