Half and Half

       I am going to be honest. I thought I was pretty clever with this post's title. You guys know one of my favorite looks for spring is the sporty look (I feel like I am slightly shoving this trend down your little throats). Today is no exception. I found this fun skirt from PinkYotto while in Boston and I decided to change the typical midi look up! Top half is casual and fun while the bottom half is girly and dressy. Half and Half! (yay for my wittiness today)

     On another note... I am feeling so accomplished lately. Life has been looking up. I have been loving blogging and it really did not sink in until today the impact on me. While talking to my sister she asked me "is it weird having 1000 people look pictures of you?" Well my first answer was yes. Fashion blogging is just a lot of pictures of yourself which is kind of creepy... if you guys saw my iphoto library you would think I was crazy. It is like a shrine of me (weird). BUT the point of this is that question hit me. 1,000 of you read my blog... um what? That is insane to me! I guess I just feel proud and really happy so thank you guys! Next week I celebrate 1 year of blogging with a week full of giveaways! So look forward to that

Skirt Pink Yotto // Top Zara // Hat Yankees Store // Shoes Forever 21