Spring Closet Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

          Spring is here which means.. fresh starts. I understand why "spring cleaning" is such a big thing. There is something so refreshing about getting rid of old clothes and junk and feeling like your closet has been born again (too cheesy?) Monday I ended up not going to school after getting around 4 hours of sleep. Instead of watching T.V. all day (although I did watch 5 episodes of 90210) I wanted to do something productive. I decided to clean out my closet. I felt so accomplished after and I really encourage all of you to do the same! 

        The first thing I did was pull everything that was on the floor out. I went through those clothes and decided which were dirty and which were clean. Then I went through all the clothes hanging up and took out the clothes I never wear. I am one of those people that seem to be attached to EVERY single piece of clothing in a sentimental way so a good thing to do is ask yourself these questions:

1. Have I worn this in the past month? If not GET RID OF IT IMMEDIATELY

2. Is this item out of season?

3. Is this item a current fad or trend that will fade?

4. Would a friend/family member look good in this item?

After asking myself these questions I still have a moment of doubt but finally rip the item off the hanger. I put all the hangers in one pile and the clothes I do not want/need in another pile. After doing this to my drawers as well I begin to go through the pile of unwanted clothes.

        First I decide the condition of the item. I like to sell my Clothes at Plato's Closet or Clothes Mentor for cash. But places like this only take gently used items. After I take clothes to be sold whatever they do not buy from me I donate (or give my little sister). But back to my room. I next tackle that pile of hangers. A great thing I found when cleaning my closet is uniform hangers look nice and help you organize. Go through the pile of hangers and get rid of any cheap or broken ones.

         As for how I organize my closet I have two long rack and one rod that is high for dresses. I keep all tops, jackets and sweaters on one rod and all my pants and skirts on another. I keep my rompers with my dresses and fancy dresses in the back (because they really never are worn). I have great hangers from the container store that I keep my scarves on and a purse rack on the back of my door. You can shop all my favorites to organize below!

SO.. to summarize

  1. Clear everything off the floor
  2.  Go through clothes.
  3. Decide what you want to keep and what you want to sell
  4.  Get rid of old hangers and buy new uniform ones
  5. Find a system that works for your closet structure
  6. Sell as many old clothes as you can and donate the rest

This felt so great for me so I hope some of my tips inspired you to start fresh with your closet this Spring!