10 Things..

Today I thought we could have a nice little chat. Ok so maybe more of me ranting and you listening but it is still fun right? Here is just a little list of things that really get on my nerve. I just cannot stand them. Happy Sunday

10. When people change their opinions to match yours. 

This one really gets to me. I always am one to stand up for what I believe is right and sometimes just profess my love for a certain hunkey movie star (Dave Franco) I love when people voice their opinions along with me. It is called a healthy conversation people. Don't back down on what you believe or like just to fit in or agree. That is not cool

9. People who breathe in my ear.

Ok so I did not know how to phrase this..  you know when a teacher helps you and leans over you or your sharing a funny picture with your friend and they lean in close to see? Well in those situations for some reason people decided to breathe out all over my ear. It grosses me out. Getting goose bumps just thinking about it right now...

8. The self love that goes too far.

I think we all have that friend or coworker that is just really really confident. In fact the only thing they talk about is themself. Even a conversation about a rock could be somehow spun to how awesome they are. Stop.

7. The compliment digging statements

Girls do they way too often. "Ugh I look so bad today" "My acne is crazy right now" "I have gained so much weight" 90% of the time I hear this out of someones mouth I just know they are waiting for me to comeback with a sweet compliment reminding them how great they are. Telling someone how skinny they are over and over is exhausting just be confident (but refer to #8 so you don't overdo it)

6. Waking up early

I am someone who does not waste the day sleeping but, I do like my beauty rest. Since when is it ok to have a call time at 6 am? Never, it is never ok. I wake up early enough for school you do not want to deal with me at 6 am.. I promise.

5. Wifi Passwords

Why can't we just all share? Ok I am sure there are passwords for a security reason but honestly do something nice and leave your wifi unlocked. We are all in this together guys. 

4. Hot liquid

Starbucks is it really necessary to burn my tongue every morning? I go to you to wake me up not ruin my day. A burnt tongue is probably one of the most uncomfortable things in the world. Let's make a law that liquid can only reach a certain temperature and save tongues everywhere

3. Umpa Lumpas

No not from the chocolate factory. I am talking to you over there. Ya, the one who bought her foundation in the shade crayola orange. Blend Blend Blend. and please it is not fooling anyone we all know you have makeup on. Orange is not tan. 

2. Fame Obsession

This seems to be a serious problem with our society. Everyone is obsessed with being famous and the ones who are famous wish they weren't. I cannot tell you how many times I hear of people doing horrible things just to be a tad bit "famous". Stick to your values and be well known for the good you do not how "rad" you think you are.

1. The people who are ALWAYS right

Finally this is my #1. People who think they are always right drive me crazy. We all know being wrong is part of life. But for these perfectionists anything they say is right. Sit down and take a break I promise you will be ok even if you are wrong. 


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