You asked...

       You guys asked and as promised it is time for me to answer. This is the first round of this I have ever done and the feedback was amazing!! As expected 99% of you guys choose to ask anonymously which is completely fine by me! I had to turn off email notifications because you guys were seriously blowing it up with your questions! I could not answer them all in a post so I went ahead and answered the funny/trivial ? here. A lot of questions were repeated so I picked the ones asked the most or I felt were great ? to answer in this post! I divided them up the best I could so happy reading!


  • How old are you?

    • 17!
  • Do you live in the USA?

    • Yes, in Colorado
  • When are you planning on moving to New York City?

    • For college, so in a year!
  • What colleges are you looking at? What is your top one?

    • Fordham, NYU, FIT and my top one is NYU so basically anything in NYC
  • Where do you want to go to school and what do you want to major in??

    • See above ^^ and major in business and then however I can minor in fashion wether it be marketing, PR or anything.
  • Are you a model? If yes then who is your agency?

    • Yes I am. I am signed with Barbizon Southwest and I love them with my whole heart. If your reading this you guys are the best!
  • Would you say you've been getting a lot of local work because of IMTA?

    • YES! Before I was booking a couple of things here and there but now I feel way more confident and have tons of experience and it shows at auditions. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about check this out.


  • Have you always been in shape?

    • In shape is one thing my current look is another. I have not always been in shape but I have always been on the smaller side thanks to genes (you rock mom and dad)
  • How many days a week do you workout?

    • During the school year it was about five so I skipped weekends, but in the summer it ranges form 4-7 depending on the week! 
  • I was wondering what your workout routine is? Like at the gym or even at home?

    • I do an every/other day type scedual. So one day I will go to the gym and do cardio on the treadmill, elliptical, bike, stairs etc. (usually I try to mix up each day) Then I will use the machine for legs and abs. On the next day I do workout videos at home. Basically I will do short cardio so kickboxing a dance video etc then focus on a body part so one day I will do abs and another I will do butt, legs etc! I use on demand for the videos :)
  • Can you give an idea of what your diet routine is?

    • Basically when I can I try to eat healthy but..... I am pretty bad at it. I do not diet but sometimes if I have a job/audition I want to be ready for I will cut out extra sugar from my eating habits for a week. 
  • What is your fave "naughty" food?

    • Macaroons are life.


  • How do you deal with people judging you or your style?

    • Judging my style does not bother me. I take it as a compliment when somebody questions what I am wearing because I try to keep up with trends I see and usually my friends/classmates aren't so fashion daring. I just smile when somebody makes a rude comment because what I wear is my choice and the key is never to change that for anyone.
  • What is your favorite place to shop?

    • Forever 21, Nordstrom, H&M and Zara!
  • What is the best online store? 

    • I love Sugar Hill boutique, Wal G, and Forever 21
  • How would you describe your style?

    • Changing day to day

Social Media

  • Do you have a twitter?

    • I was asked this a lot. Yes! I think I have all social media covered haha my username is @emmawlker for basically everything
  • Ok PLEASE tell me what filters you use on your Instagram pictures!!!

    •  My go to is in the app afterlight and the filter Russ. It looks good on everything!

    What is your favorite social media site and how do you attract followers

    • Instagram 100% and I think it is like a mini blog in itself. The key is to stay true to what you like to post and not worry about followers, but I always try to make my pictures look clean and like they all flow together


  • How did you come up with With A City Dream?

    • Seriously one day at school.. The meaning is for my dream of living in NYC
  • Did you know how you wanted to look initially? or did it take you some time to figure out how you wanted it? did you design it or have someone else?

    • No I didn't at all! I had a whole different layout and style for about six months and I liked it but I knew I wanted something clean and simple. So now I have this layout which is tweeked 100x over with tons of HTML codes etc. I designed it all myself!
  • What is your ultimate tip to be a successful blogger?

    • Post what you love! I love fashion and not so much beauty so I post more fashion and I think it is what I know best and my readers respond better to that. When I am passionate about something it shows. 
  • How did you get so many followers? Advice?

    • Be patient. Slowly my blog started recieving attention. Also put yourself out there! Share your blog on social media and tell your family and friends! Word of mouth/status is everything
  • Why did you start a blog?

    • I had a youtube channel but it was too much work so I wanted something I could work on more frequently wherever I was... then the blog was born
  • How do you get so much free stuff?

    • Companies reach out to me or through Etail PR which is in London and helps connect bloggers to companies!
  • What hosting service do you use?

    • I use squarespace!

     Hope this answered everything you wanted to know! Thank you guys so much for taking the time to learn more about who I am and what I love! You rock!


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