10 Things You Didn't Know About Bloggers

1 - We do not get 'Freebies'.
Yes, we are sometimes sent PR samples, review consideration products and even sometimes a 'gift', but never are we sent 'Freebies'. We're not celebrities for crying out loud! (we can only dream!).  When we're sent products, we work hard to photograph them, edit, get links, write blog content, use social media for promotion and then of course email the people who send you the item(s). We work hard for the items we are sent to promote the item if we believe in them. Either way, I always try to at least 'showcase' anything I'm sent and let my readers form their own opinions. Nothing comes for free, but despite that, I'm pretty confident I can speak for all bloggers when we say PR samples make our lives a lot easier and we are very grateful for everything we are sent.

2 - We don't 'Love' everything we're sent.
I remember someone leaving me a comment on my blog once telling me that "You are the luckiest girl in the world, you've never used a bad product" which couldn't be further from the truth. I don't believe in 'blasting' brands unnecessarily, so when I am sent a product, I use it and form my opinion. If I hate it, I just won't feature it. If I have something slightly negative to say then I would email the people who sent me the item and let them know before I publish the blog, so not to blindside them. I think most Bloggers do this.

3 - When you comment on our blog, we feel like WINNERS of life!
I remember my first ever blog comment, it was one of those "great blog, follow me" comments, but I was over the moon. Someone had taken the time to write on my blog and I could not be more grateful when I see people commenting on my blog posts - it's kind of like an achievement! We work hard on our Blog content and when you comment, you just make us want to squish you like a newborn baby.

4 - Pj's are appropriate work attire.
Yes, we do like to wear pj's when we're blogging and vlogging! see all those fancy tops we're wearing in our pictures and our video's? yeah, party up the top - PJ's DOWN BOTTOM! Comfortable work attire is definitely one of the perks of our job!

5 - We are ALL tech geeks.
Yup, we know the difference between CSS & HTML, we even know SEO and marketing tips. We spend time looking at camera's like they're some sort of artistic masterpiece and the thought of new editing software makes us want to cancel our weekend plans. 

6 - Scheduled Posts are our BFF's
Scheduling posts allow us to sleep in an extra half hour or even spend more time out taking photo's and creating new content! Scheduled posts get just as much care and attention as other posts so don't think they're just to keep the reader sweet. They help us bloggers function and allow us to create more. Especially being in school these are a life saver.

7 - We're nervous about explaining our blogs to non bloggers.
When someone asks me "what do you do for a living?" I stumble, stutter and get all nervous. No, I'm definitely not ashamed of my blog or my job, but I do worry that people won't really 'get it', which is actually justified. More times than not, I've been met with confused looks and questions like "erm, so how do you make money? selling freebies and stuff?" And then don't even try to explain this to a potential new guy... Its a disaster

8 - Being a Blogger is hard work.
If you choose to blog full time, you're required to set up our your business and spend your time emailing PR contacts and writing for the press. Social media is also part of the job - as enjoyable as it is - we need to devote serious time to it and to our blogs. It's not all fancy templates and glamorous photo shoots. In reality it is me and my tripod out in the parking lots getting some crazy looks.

9 -We have problems
Seriously, we do. A lot more goes on behind the screens than you think. We get ill, we worry about our health, we get spots, we worry about money, we cry, we do everything you do. I'm not going to go into my problems on my blog because it's like my happy place, but some bloggers do choose to share their problems and let their readers have a deeper insight to their lives.

10 - Popularity and Attention doesn't come overnight

I am constantly asked how I became "so popular on the internet". Honestly I do not have an answer. I am not going to lie to you guys and say I never knew this would happen - I guess I didn't but I did hope my blog would become successful! BUT I take pride in getting in here. Countless times annoying the heck out of my facebook friends sharing my link payed off.


So there you have it a few secrets from behind the keyboard :)