Nars Virtual Domination Palette Review


      For Christmas I received this new palette from my lovely mother. I have been using it a lot lately and really loving it for the most part so I thought I would share it with you all and give you a quick review! So for starters the packaging is what really drew me to the product. The outside is a white almost broken class looking top with the signature Nars written across. Inside the colors are neatly packaged with a huge mirror which is such a bonus when traveling with this palette. A little disclaimer the colors are named a tad risk-ay so I apologize in advance for the blushing you may be doing as you read.

      Now for the colors... you get three blushes, one bronzer and one highlight. I decided to break it down by color and swatch from left to right:


1) Miss Liberty highlight powder - this is one thing from this palette I was so excited about and then the only thing I do not use. This highlight is a yellow-y toned glitter and when I say glitter I mean tiny little fairy dust chunks of glitter. Me not being super comfortable with makeup I find myself getting this glitter everywhere! 

2) Deep Throat blush - this color is a warm pink with slight gold tones. I love using with a gold eye for a going out look. The formula is creamy and it is just the right amount of dewy and matte

3) Sex Fantasy blush - This is hands down the most used item in the palette. I love this blush. In the container it looks purple but on your cheeks it is the perfect amount of pink and violet. It is more powdery than the other blushes but still long wearing

4) Final Cut blush - This blush is an orangey toned blush definitely the brightest color out of the three. I like to use this on the apples of my cheeks but be warned this blush is SUPER pigmented too much and you will look very unnatural

5) Laguna bronzer- Last but not least is Nars most popular bronzer the Laguna shade. I was very excited about this bronzer and had never used it before. Overall it is nice but not something I find myself reaching for everyday. It is completely matte and has nice warm tones but I notice when my skin is tan it hardly shows up and I have to pack it on. 


^^ I am wearing Sex Fantasy, Miss Liberty and Laguna

Overall I would say it is worth the price tag of $65.00 because of the amount of each product you receive. It is so fun to play with and something I know I will have for a while! You can buy this palette at Sephora online here.