I have just been feeling so motivated and empowered lately. From fitness to work to my future everything is lining up. While I am not one to brag I am someone who believes in not only sharing your lows but your highs as well. I want to look back on these times and remember what motivates me what inspires me and to always keep your head up looking for the next opportunity that may be around the corner. I encourage you to not only use social media, blogs and everything else to share times when you need help but times when you are happy and grateful as well. A little positivity might help this world out! 

On that note it is also Friday which always puts me in a good mood so I decided to share some of my favorite links from this week that I hope put you in a good mood or inspire you as well!

1. This amazing granola recipe (um seriously hello heaven)

2. This quote

3. This book that is changing my life

4. Some major bag envy on Pinterest especially this one

5. And finally these lipstick life hacks that will change your life