How to Become a Morning Person

For all of us who aren't morning people but really need to be... this is for you 

  1. SLEEP - the more sleep you get the night before the less painful getting out out of your warm and cozy bed will be (duh). I always try to get at least 8 hours if not more (is 12 too many?)
  2. DISABLE SNOOZE - for anyone who is like me, snooze is your best friend in the morning except when I realize I have about 10 minutes to get out the door. Disable snooze to make sure you wake up when you need to and don't have the stress of being late to start off your day.
  3. GIVE YOURSELF TIME - I always give myself at least 10 minutes to just hang out in bed before I actually move. This helps me wake up and just take it easy to start my day on a good foot. (note: if you snooze you have zero time for this people)
  4. START WITH SOMETHING YOU LOVE - for me I need an incentive to get going with my day and that incentive is always breakfast. I honestly fall asleep thinking about what I am going to eat when I wake up. Starting with good food puts me in the best mood in the morning. (note coffee also works great here)
  5. GET A ROUTINE - college has forced me to find my morning routine that helps me maximize sleeping time and minimize Emma in panic mode time. I like to set out my clothes the night before just to eliminate one thing I have to do in the morning. Of course breakfast is a big part of my routine, but I also love hoping in the shower on a cold day when I realllllyyyy can't wake up/leave my warm bed.
  6. DRINK SOMETHING - whether it be tea, water or coffee your body is so thirsty after a long night sleep and is craving fluid! I like to put my coffee mug on the other side of the room away from my bed so I have to get up to get some coffee in my system.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it is something I don't normally do but can't wait to do more of! I am such a grump some mornings when I don't stick to these 6 things and really find that they help me so much! Give them a try tomorrow and see if you can wipe away any Monday blues! And because coffee is always important to being a morning person I added my favorite cute mugs below ;)


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