Bath Time


      I have to say... my bath has never felt so good! When the owner and creator of Sweetman Salts reached out to me to try their product I became so giddy! I love baths so much. In fact it is too the point where I probably take only 3 showers a year and those take place when there is no bathtub to soak in. I am a firm believer in the power of relaxation and how important it is to your day! These salts help me do just that. All natural and tested by hand each batch has a little love. And not to point out the obvious or anything but how ADORABLE is the bottles they came in? My favorite was the sleepy time lavender scent. It helped me get in the nighttime/bedtime mood and really equated to a great night sleep.

       I hope I inspired some relaxation time in your day. Make sure to check out these amazing salts and try them out for yourself, because man they do make all the difference.



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