It's Teen Vogue Calling...

       Tuesday morning was spent wandering down 5th Avenue and just enjoying New York City. All the sudden my phone rang... it's Teen Vogue. In a slight panic and state of shock I listened as I was presented with an opportunity that blew my mind. This weekend as you all know I am attending Teen Vogue's Fashion University, so already excited about that I had no idea what was to come...

       Out of hundreds of girls attending I was one of five contacted to be a brand representative for Express, the main sponsor for this event. What does that mean? Basically Express gave me a gift card and a whole box FULL of their not yet released 2015 Spring Line. All I have to do in return is wear it all weekend. (UM does this deal get any better?)

       I had so much fun this morning exploring the store and picking out some pretty darn amazing pieces. I can't wait to show you all what I got/received and how I decided to rock it this weekend! 


EEEK I am so excited you guys! Thank you so much Teen Vogue and Express for making sure I am the chicest girl at Fashion U! For now though enjoy a little sneak peek of one of my favorite items from Express... This leather jacket is fabulous with an extra FAB. I cannot wait to rock it. Check back for pictures and updates all weekend long! See you all back here very soon! xo