TVFU Diary: Day 1

        As promised I am bring you guys right along with me on this crazy journey. Teen Vogue Fashion U kicked off tonight with a fabulous launch party. It was located at Express in Times Square. I had no idea how exciting being a brand ambassador was going to be until tonight! I was able to meet the four other ambassadors as well and immediately we hit it off. Oh and the best part? A total impromptu photo shoot for Express and Teen Vogue took place... in the MIDDLE of Times Square.

So now for the pictures... starting from left to right:

1. I was able to meet Andrew Bevan Teen Vogue's Style Features Director who just so happens to be from Colorado as well! He was such a sweetheart //

2. They had a lash bar and a flash tattoo bar at the party of course the ambassadors had to try the tats out! So cute right? //

3. Just casually strolling in Times Square... People were lined up watching a taking pictures. A true Carrie Bradshaw moment //

4. I shared my outfit for the night on insta (which will have tons of updates all weekend long) I paired a fun Express dress with a vintage flannel for a cool and sophisticated look //

5. It is so much fun to finally find girls who love EXACTLY what I do //

6. Behind the scenes! Make sure to follow Express on snapchat for updates (I stole a lot of these shots from there thanks Express!) //

7. Blowing kisses. All of the Teen Vogue and Express staff were so welcoming, I felt so special it was a dream come true //

8. Finally being able to shop during the party was also a total bonus. I picked up a scarf to add to my Express collection //

I came home and told my mom "that was the best night of my life" and it is so true! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings and share it with you all! See you back here soon xx


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