TVFU Diary: Day 2

       I'm in an Uber on my way home reflecting on today in awe. I feel so blessed and grateful to get the opportunity to sit down and listen to so many great minds speak and inspire me! I also was able to do some more with Express this morning as well as bond with the other student ambassadors. Overall a long day, but a very rewarding day that I will never forget! Can't wait for graduation tomorrow... 

I shared some of my favorite moments for today below... From left to right:  

1. Check in was bright and early at 7:30 AM. The security at the new World Trade Center is crazy! Lots of bag checks and badges and stickers all of the place, but my TV pass is pretty cute //

2. Immediately after getting us five ambassadors checked in the Teen Vogue and Express team shuttled us up to the 40th floor where we took some pictures and videos for them and then were able to see the Teen Vogue offices! The views are amazing and the offices are just as fabulous as you would think (who knew a cubicle could be so cute) //

3. At 1 we were able to go back to the offices and get a tour from two Editors, They showed up the fashion and beauty closet. I was in heaven //

4. The first speaker of the day was Michelle Phan. She was such a beautiful soul. Her advice and outlook on life really inspired me //

5. Throughout the day we collected some goodies. While listening to "the PR girl" Aliza Licht she gave us some exclusive goodies related to her new book Leave Your Mark //

6. Editor and Chief of Teen Vogue Amy Astley has a dream office. White and so beautifully decorated it was picture perfect //

7. My final speaker for the day was Mickey Rapkin author of Pitch Perfect. He had the best celeb stories and even was so kind to sign an autograph for my school dance teacher (she loves the movie) //

8. After the day me and three other Express ambassadors headed to Hudson Eats an amazing cafeteria style place with tons of yummy food. (showed you my green healthy juice but in reality I also scarfed down two Sprinkles cupcakes lol) //

      So! I wanted to end this post with a few quotes from speakers today that really inspired me and I hope speak to you as well. It seemed the theme throughout all the talks was about relationships and how key they are to your job as well as your life. I feel so proud to have built a relationship with you all my readers (you), that has in turn led to relationships with amazing companies like Express. So enough with this jumble of thoughts. Enjoy these quotes and hopefully you come back tomorrow for some closing thoughts on the whole weekend.

"Being on the ground and leading is more rewarding than sitting on a throne and directing" -Michelle Phan

"It's all about connecting with people and hearing their stories. That's what brings me joy in my life. Stories feed the world" - Kristian Joy Watts 

"Talent always rises to the top" - Amy Astley

"Between the moment of birth and death there is only one thing you should be doing, learning"  - Michelle Phan


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