TVFU Diary: Day 3

"You set yourself up for success no one is going to do it for you" - Erika Bearman

      This morning was the official end to not only a crazy weekend but an amazing trip as a whole to New York City. Sitting here and reflecting brings a smile to my face. I felt so empowered being surrounded by fabulously dressed girls who have the seem dreams and goals in life as me. It was almost validation that even though no one in Colorado believes it, fashion is a career. I think that was what I took out of this experience the most just validation that I can do this, and I will do this.

        On top of that I was also able to work with a company I wasn't super familiar with at first but have now grown to love. Express provided me with a leg-up this weekend. They not only made sure I looked great, but I felt great as well. I had a blast taking pictures and videos all weekend and I can't wait to share them with you all soon! Now lets get into the pictures... from left to right:

1. Being able to hand with the other ambassadors was such a treat. They were all so stylish and successful in their own right. Oh and also stunning... this is Deanna a blogger from Chicago //

2. Today the fog and rain were gone so the views from the 63rd floor of the new World Trade Center were incredible //

3. A little shoe pic that I thought was so cute of me and the Express girls //

4. Graduation was today and they gave us a certificate such a sweet extra detail //

5. Me and Cassy, a blogger from New Jersey took over the speakers chairs for our mock interview //

6. My final outfit today was inspired by the cool fringe leather jacket I got from Express. Peace out Fashion U //

7. The quote at the beginning of this post was from my speaker today the "Oscar Pr Girl" from Oscar De La Renta. She was ah-mazing and my new role model. At the talk I met Elizabeth a blogger from Montana! She was so sweet //

8. Finally after a long day I rewarded myself with lunch... of cupcakes. I went to my new favorite Bakery called Billy's on W 21st and 9th //

        So for all you guys wondering the #1 question that was on my mind before I went... was it worth it? My answer is YES. Not only do you get to go to NYC and be in the coolest building you also get to make connections unlike anything else. The days were long and sometimes there was lots of up and downs in the elevator, but if that is my only complaints I would say it was hugely successful! To close this out I have my new favorite quotes from Erika Bearman:

"Don't be wasted with insecurities."

"Carrie Bradshaw said it best, should we all just get over ourselves?"

"It takes a while to understand that someone is always going to be smarter, thinner or prettier, but you are enough and if you learn to accept and love yourself then you can share it with the world."


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