I Really Want A Stalker

        Ok, don't freak out. Yes this title is crazy but let me explain... this past weekend at Fashion University was amazing for many reasons but one of the top was the fact that almost every single girl had her camera in tow! Everyone was snapping everyones' outfit pictures it was like a giant blogger party! But shhhh here's a secret:

       Did you know how all those amazing bloggers get their fabulous "candid" outfit posts? A stalker. But a cool stalker... a photographer. They all have them and it's a little forgotten fact to a successful blog. Photography can really make or break a post. (Little ole' me is currently working the tripod like it's nobody's business) , but I can only dream that one day this blog will have it's very own stalker. For now though enjoy some of these fabulous pictures Amanda Lin from Streetxbean captured. Not only is she mega talented behind the lens, but she also happens to be one of the most amazing girls as well. So glad I got to meet you this weekend Amanda! Thank you so much for being my personal photog for 2.5 seconds I loved it ;)

^^ Cute badge Emma