March Ipsy Unbagging/Review

        Good Morning! What a beautiful Sunday it is. Yesterday I filmed a quick video for you all sharing my March Ipsy bag. These are my new favorite videos to film and watch, so I hope you all are liking them too! I did a similar video in February and you can watch it here. As always I linked the products mentioned in the video below.

        Now for some end of the week thoughts.... I had such a long week and was feeling so sick of school and people at school that I found myself being such a grump. I came across this quote and it really stuck with me this week. I think we need to remember sometimes that even when we feel like crap giving the world a smile is more important than spreading our bad mood! On the bright side I have had a great weekend and have school off tomorrow too (yay!). Also this Friday I leave for spring break with mi familia and I am so excited for some much needed beach time! More updates on that soon. All my love! xx

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Cleanser // Lipstick // Moisturizer // Eyeshadow // Duo Brush


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