This is not a Joke

        Ok, it totally is! I am so sick of scrolling through fashion blogs and seeing such serious faces. Fashion is fun people! Let's all lighten up here. I am a huge believer in finding your "personal style", but it's not a rulebook. Style is always changing and yours can too, in fact that's what makes fashion so fun! It is a constant world of new ideas and trends.

     Take my outfit for example.... we have a mish-mash of trends here: leather, sporty, rid lip etc. I found this completely random sweatshirt from Forever 21 and for some reason fell in love. I can never figure out how to wear it or style it in a way that matches my typical "style" but I just decided, screw it let's wear all my favorite trends. It's not always about following the rules (like only one trendy item at a time please!), I promise it is more fun to break them. 

Sweatshirt (sold out) I love this and this // Skirt Similar// Shoes