Life Update

       Hello my friends! I haven't sat down and updated you all on my life lately so I thought now is the perfect chance! As I write this I am sitting in bed in my family's New York apartment with a mad puff ball on my head (see pictures). The reason for this trip is actually two different but equally exciting things. First this off weekend I have been a model at IBS (International Beauty Show) for the Beauty Underground Team. (hence the crazy hair right now) It has been so much fun and a really great experience. On top of that I also am taking part in Teen Vogue's Fashion University next weekend also here in New York City. Basically it is a conference you have to apply to attend and then if you are accepted you get to meet other girls your age and hear amazing speaker like Zac Posen and Jessica Simpson. Obviously I am over the moon about this!

     Overall I have been very busy but extremely happy. I don't remember the last time I was that content. I think it is a combination of some serious girl power doing all these things out here as an independent gal (ok my mommy helps too) but also just only having to worry about myself. I have only healthy relationships in my life consisting of girlfriends who really support me and family who loves me. Other than that I have cleaned my life of bad influences and negative energy. The combination of those two things were bringing me down. Now I just think I am more Emma than ever before... slowly taking over the world with a smile on my face. Thank you all for checking back here for some fashion and beauty over the past months and hopefully you enjoy a little bit of my life experiences along the way as well! xx

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