What's In My Beach Bag

      Thanks to one of my amazing readers (who reads my mind too I guess) I have a new post for you all! I had a little mind blip on what to share today as part of my Spring Break themed week here on the blog, but she suggested a "what's in my bag" beach bag edition! Such a great idea and I am always looking for what you guys want to see from me, so keep suggesting and I will keep producing! Now let's get into my bag...

      I found my cute beach bag while browsing Tj Maxx the other day. I don't know about you guys but, if you are familiar with the store you know you go in not looking for anything and come out with ten things you didn't know you needed... this bag is one. Turns out though it has been great this trip! I couldn't find the exact bag but I like this one and this one just as much!

As for how to shop these pictures: just click on the little black plus sign by the product you want and it will take you to the website! (nifty right?)  Now let's look inside:

Entertainment: My go to entertainment while on the beach is a good book. Currently I am reading this one by Rebecca Eckler. I also always need my phone, but am such a dangerous phone owner when it comes to water and sand. I put it in a protective pouch to keep me from breaking it. I also bring my camera to the beach, but of course I had to take these pictures somehow 

Products: I like to keep it simple when it comes to what I put in my bag, so overloading it with products is not my thing. I stick to my favorite face sunscreen that is gentle on my skin, a good spray sunscreen and some chapstick. I also had this little mirror already in my pouch and it turns out has come in handy instead of using my iPhone front camera all the time (please tell me someone else does that too)

Clothing: Again simple is key. I only brought one hat on this trip because every time I pack them in my suit case they get flat and ruined, and I considered being the crazy lady in the airport carrying multiple hats, but thankfully decided not to. My coverup today was a kimono from Target and of course you can't lay out in the sun without some sunnies. Mine are from the Chealsea Market in NYC but I like a similar pair from Forever 21

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and like I said at the beginning if you have something you want to see please leave it in the comments below, I am always looking for new ideas!


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