Naked with NVEY


        The purest, naked form of something is when it is most organic. To me, nothing is more fresh than a naked makeup look. You know the one... where you spend 20 minutes trying to make it look like you "just woke up like this". But it is also important that I only have gentle products without all the fake chemicals on my skin. Well I finally achieved my perfect "naked" look with the help of NVEY ECO. I recently was introduced to their organic makeup line, and wanted to share my thoughts about it with you all! I have a foundation, blush, concealer paste, eyeshadow and lipstick. (quite the stock) The best part of these products for me was the quality. From the tiny mirrors to the actual product they really impressed me. I thought I would break it down by product and then show you what they look like together on my skin. 


^^ Swatched top to bottom: lipstick, eyeshadow, concealer, blush

Foundation: I decided to try out the liquid foundation, since that is what I normally use and am most comfortable with. I have the shade 510 Cool Ivory which is a tad too light for my spring break skin, but will be perfect when I go back to my ghostly shade. This foundation gave me light coverage which is exactly what I wanted, I hate the "caked on" foundation so many girls sport. This left my skin feeling soft and moisturized and I can see myself using it on days when I want a little more even color in my face

Concealer: I am a huge believer in the power of a good concealer. This one is called the "erase concealer" and claims to be long wearing, that it is. The consistency is pretty thick and hard to get onto your face at first, but once on it covers EVERYTHING. A great product, but maybe a little to heavy for me to reach for everyday. I am wearing the shade Neutral under my eyes.

Blush: Hands down my favorite product I tried out. This blush is the perfect combo of creamy and powdery, the color I am wearing 955 Blushing Sunset is a dream. It was extremely easy to apply and left my face with a natural flush where honestly I could have even fooled myself into thinking that was all natural. I also appreciate the shimmer this blush gives without having giant chunks of glitter left over on my face.

Eyeshadow: Pink eyeshadow used to scare me, because every time I would apply it I look sickly until this one. The color 151 Rose Quartz lives up to it's pretty name. It is dark enough to bring out the lightness in my brown eyes, but not too dark to look like a giant bruise. Again the shimmer is just right in this product and was really easy to apply. I can see myself building this up with some golds and browns, but for my natural look I left it simply sweeped across my lid alone. 

Lipstick: I am a lipstick hoarder and consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to choosing the right formula for my dry lips. This particular product was another success. The lipstick is so creamy that it really felt good on my lips, not like some goo that just looked pretty. I love the shade I am wearing - 351 Carmen because it is a nude but doesn't make my lips disappear against the rest of my face.  

ney5 .jpg

.On my face above I am wearing only NVEY products mentioned with the addition of brow gel and mascara. I think it turned out beautiful and fresh. Perfect for spring, and I can't wait to work these products into my daily routine.