Life Update

        Hi guys! Long time no talk... I have been avoiding this post for quite sometime now. I have been putting my blog to the side the past two weeks and focusing (or at least trying) on my life right in front of me. I think for most of my high school years, the internet became a place for me to be myself and escape from the pressure and stereotypes that surrounded me in those halls. Now that I have officially graduated (as of last night) I am not quite sure where I go from here. I know that this blog brings me so much joy and that my hope is to continue it, but I have come to set a standard for myself for the quality of my posts, and not having time to give it my all I felt like I didn't want to even try. Today was the first day I felt like I could just wrap myself up like a burrito and just chill. There are so many things I need to figure out and so many emotions I am feelings right now as I begin the next chapter of my life. I am so thankful for you all being here along these past few years, and sharing in my love for fashion and pieces of my life here and there. 

      Give me time to sort my thoughts out and I promise With A City Dream will have tons of new content soon! Sending all my love and asking for yours too right now xo - Emma


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