New In

        Last week I did something very dangerous... I went to the mall with no idea what I wanted to buy. Luckily I dragged a friend along to give me some need yes and no's. I ended up with some great things but this has to be my favorite. I stubbled upon this fun romper at Pacsun. I am obsessed with the Jenner's, so I have so say Pacsun nailed it having them "design" some clothes, because anything with their named stamped on it I immediately buy (damn you Jenners). I linked some of my other favorite rompers below (all under $50!).

       Also can we talk about these throw-back indoor photos? I used to be obsessed with taking pictures of myself inside until I discovered the beauty of a cloudy sky and what it can do for your pictures. I just laughed editing these poor quality pics thinking how far I have come with blogging, if you want a laugh go back and look at my earliest post they will make you giggle.

Romper // Bag