Fashion With A Cause

       As you guys can tell fashion is my outlet. It is my creative expression of how I am feeling and how I want the world to see me. Sometimes though I get really lucky and have the chance to use my passion for a good cause - meet Ikwetta your new favorite shoes, bags and necklaces with a seriously good twist. 


      I was introduced to Ikwetta by one of their founders Sheeni who reached out to me and asked me to share their product with you all on my blog. After hearing their story I fell in love, here is what she wrote me....

"For the last 9 months I have been dedicating my time and efforts to IKWETTA - a brand of handmade footwear and fashion accessories that seeks to empower talented artisans in African Slums.

When I first visited Kenya, my husband took me to a place the equator passes through, and he showed me how when water was placed in a bowl with a hole in it, it drained clockwise north of the equator, and anti-clockwise south of the equator. If such a difference could be made by moving a bowl of water few feet north or south of an imaginary line, then imagine the difference we could make with a real brand that looks to make a difference? Thus Ikwetta - Swahili for Equator smile emoticon"

    All their products are made by local African artisans and currently they are running a campaign to raise money for a new workshop. While they have reached their goal I really encourage you all to check out more of their story and donate here

I am wearing the Savannah Safari Slides