August Favorites

       I know it is so cheesy and so typical to say but.... where did the last month go?! I feel like August just flew by and before I knew it I was living in a strange room in a different state with a stranger (now friend). Summer is winding down, but I was living it up until the very last minute! I wanted to make a video for this post but completely ran out of time so I just included a little collage and hope it makes up for it ;) HAPPY SEPTEMBER! 

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.17.25 PM.png

1) PJ Sets - while this is the particular one I have I am such a sucker for a good pj set. The old lady in me comes out and Kensi makes the softest and coziest sets you could imagine!

2) Ring - when I went to college my sweet boyfriend got me the cutest ring, and I am so in love with it! I have this one in gold and never take it off

3) Bronzer - I feel like I have mentioned this bronzer before, but after getting it in an Ipsy bag I have not used anything else. Turns out it is also waterproof?? So cool thanks Tarte!

4) Foundation - a recent drugstore buy was this Revlon foundation and I am in love. I find it hard to match drugstore foundations to my skin color but this one in buff beige is perfect!

5) Dorm Decor - I had so much fun decorating my dorm room and this little guy was my favorite part. My own little dorm room pet!

6) Lounge Set - ok seriously can you tell I love sets? This one is actually from Juicy Couture for Khols which is so cool because I didn't know they did that! It has a matching top and sweats and tbh I am wearing it right now.... (it's half off just get it so worth it!)