Please dont leave me

       From this title you are all probably thinking.... what the heck is she going to talk about that has to do with this outfit?? The answer: summer is leaving me and I am sad about it. I have already been in school for a month, but when the heat starts to fade it finally sinks in - I am totally stuck in school. Yes I am grateful for an education, but nothing beats a little summer fun in the sun (nice and cheesy Emma). And I also shot this look before I went to school and needed to post it before it was way too ridiculous.... and it is time to retire my favorite pink wall for the season, and you know I couldn't resist sharing just one more picture from there.

      On another note, you have have noticed on the sidebar or in the pink box below my posts, WE REACHED 3,000 FOLLOWERS ON BLOGLOVIN! Thank you guys so much! I know it happened last week, but I am still smiling about it today. Keep coming back for more! I know this wasn't much of a post today, but I have lots planned for these next few weeks


In loving memory of my long hair... RIP