I Am Sorry.... I Lied

      Ok, you know two days ago when I said goodbye to summer? Well it wasn't really an official goodbye because I also found these pictures of me in my absolute favorite dress and I couldn't resist sharing! These pictures actually come with a funny story too,

    One day a couple weeks ago I was dropping off a diet coke at my boyfriend's work. That day happened to be a day when I decided to actually put on makeup and this dress ANDDD happened to have my camera in my car (I swear I am not making this up). As I was leaving his work right across the street I noticed the most amazing greenery all over a wall (see pictures) and knew I had to snap pictures even if it was in public. Fast forward 10 minutes... I check my phone and see a picture of me and my tripod and texts of my boyfriend just dying. Apparently his window at work directly faces the street and he was not the only one watching. So embarrassing. #bloggerproblems

P.S. Even though I styled this in a summery way don't be afraid to rock your maxi in the fall! With a big hat, chunky cardigan and adorable flats, you are set!