How To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

Every single spring I get a major travel bug. There is something about booking a flight and headed out on an adventure that gives me butterflies (even just thinking about it!) The past two weekends I have been in New York and have become a pro at this whole 2 flights in 72 hours thing (it requires a LOT of sleep). But I wanted to share with you all my top 5 tips on how to pack for a short trip this spring and how Vera Bradley made it a whole lot cuter.

1. Pack In Outfits

This is always my #1 tip and go to rule for packing especially with limited space in a bag. If you pack outfits instead of seperate pieces you not only have more time on vacation to enjoy yourself instead of picking out clothes, but you also have more room in your suitcase for things like... shoes!

2. Pack A Great Pair of Jeans

Even when the weather is warming up I always reach for a great pair of jeans on vacation. You can wear them while traveling or dressed up with a great jacket for dinner. I love these right now!

3. Use A Durable (and adorable) Bag

I cannot stress enough how important a great bag is. One like my duffel from Vera Bradley is perfect for a weekend getaway. Traveling on a plane? No big deal just check it and know you will spot it a mile away at baggage claim or just use it as a carry on. When traveling it is important for me to have a tag on my bag as well so this one from Vera Bradley with a matching passport holder is perfect!

4. Pack Neutrals

If you are like me then the packing in outfits tip works great until plans change last minute and that really cute mini dress is no longer appropriate for a casual night in! SO.... pack and neutrals so you can mix and match pieces like a pro! This also works great for last minute decisions to stay another night on vacay, because don't we all wish we could never leave?

5. Get Organized

The best thing you can do before a trip is get organized! Vera Bradley helped me keep my packing organized, but so much more goes into a really great trip. Plan you meals before - are there any cool hot spots where you are going? If so you may need a reservation! Always check into your flight 24 hours before (mostly to see if you can switch out of that middle seat) but also so you can have your boarding pass ready before you even get to the airport. One less line! If you are driving make sure you know how long that tank of gas will last and where you may need to stop ahead of time because good old google maps can't save everything right?

Most important: HAVE FUN! This is your weekend to make memories and I hope that wherever your travels take you that you live in the moment and just enjoy every second!! XO

This post is sponsored by Vera Bradley and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make With A City Dream possible!


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