Steve Madden on their Sneaker Game

This post is brought to you by Steve Madden and Her Campus Media

I know there is a big trend out there that is very controversial, but I am here to let you all know that I have found the perfect solution. I have been a chunky sneaker wearer for the past year and my friends and family have not been shy when expressing their feelings towards the trend at hand, but at last enter Steve Madden.

Steve Madden creates unique designs that stem from his rock and roll roots and drive his line made for everyone across all generations! (therefore mom and sister you may all borrow these ;)) Their Memory Sneaker in pink multi has given me compliments left and right and even from those disbelievers mentioned above! Paired with a sweatshirt dress combo it is fun, sporty and exactly what I feel would make Steve Madden himself proud! You can shop them at Dillards here.