GG Marmont Velvet Medium Shoulder Bag Review


Ok I will admit it… I have an issue with designer handbags. I tried to explain to Jon’s parents one time and found myself calling them investments which honestly they more or less are, but that was quite the rationalization. In reality I love a good bag. You can catch me in Target shoes all day long, but please let my bag be a soft as this one?! I shared on my Instagram stories how I purchase my designer backs not full price. Would you all like a separate post on this?

My review: worth every penny. This bag is soft, sturdy and done to perfection! Only thing I don’t love is the heart on the bag - its a Gucci signature but is too girly for me. I was also surprised by how big this was on my while I carried it, but since I have nothing else this size in my collection I decided it had a home with me!


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