Who is Emma?

Well, let's just start with a bang on that title, shall we? Since getting back on my feet both mentally and literally physically this has been weighing heavily on me. For the first time in a long time, there is nothing really dictating my life. Sure there is school, work, and loved ones but for the first time it is almost like the chains of my mind and body were unlocked and I get to make choices.

I know that can sound a little bit crazy but 12 months after spending a horrible 72 hours in a place that I only hope to forget I can say one thing for sure... this is definitely my time to shine.

So who am I? Well, some days I am still sad, mad, angry or anxious. Other days I am loving, caring and want to be around people. I am a blogger by trade, a student during the day and currently an intern who really likes her job.

I am a hard worker and someone who doesn't like to say no or give up very easily. I am a learner as I discover what my limits are with this new body and mind. I am empty, but in a way, I only wish I could describe better. I am a blank canvas and I have this huge space to do what I want to do for once and it great. It is so great. But it is also overwhelming and a lot to take in.

So Emma is brave, Emma is resilient and Emma is still a work in progress. Aren't we all though?

I am so proud of this Emma.