My Recent Mental Health Lapse

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I asked you guys on Instagram stories what blog post you wanted to see next and you guys voted for another Mental Health blogpost. I wanted to honor that and take you guys into my recent mental health lapse that I shared with you all.

The truth is…

Since my last mental health post on this blog (read all of them here) I have had way more than 1 “lapse” but that is just reality when you have anxiety and/or depression. This last one though hit me hard enough that I wanted to share. Lately I have been riding up on a great wave of highs. I have been getting through school, getting excited about my future with Jon and planning all types of fun events such as our engagement party.

Well after a high my low hits me even harder. When I run on adrenaline and excitement and forget to workout, take care of my back and start eating like soooo much sugar because why not? I begin to become susceptible to a bit of a mental health break. After a very packed and exciting weekend last week Monday hit me like a truck. I felt out of my body, completely stressed and overall just not able to “pull it together”.

My back felt like crap, I couldn’t sleep and my energy was low. Normally this is a BIG bell that comes on in my head to focus on ME and take care of myself. Well the bell didn’t have enough time to give me warning because of such a busy schedule and by the time I focused on me it was tooooooo late. Guys it was bad.

I don’t want to make anyone feel like there isn’t hope but I do want you all to know that if you are experiencing a down it will come back up. You have survived 100% of these days when you thought you never would. I am coming out of the other side of a hard few days (that felt like months). I was crying nonstop, shaking, feeling SO unsafe, having flashbacks and I even got up and RAN out of a huge class mid panic attack. It may not seem that bad but I still have a body left feeling week tired and I am not going to lie, a bit scared that it will happen again.

Heres what I did to get myself feeling like “me” again:

  1. Called my therapist

  2. Well first I called Jon because he could come over and my therapist couldn’t but he is not trained so the therapist was important.

  3. Took a break from my phone - I ALWAYS have to do this when my mental health is slipping

  4. Drink as much water as I could even when I wasn’t thirsty

  5. Try to eat healthier - this meant getting rid of those Girl Scout cookies

  6. Focus on breathing - I do this by practicing meditation, yoga and tricks from my Therapist

  7. Journal in the morning. I like to write down my subconscious thoughts out on paper before I pick up my phone in the morning. I find this really helpful.

Thank you all for everyone who reached out. I appreciate all of you so much for letting me help break this mental health stigma in our world today.