Beauty Extras *you actually need*

Beyond face wash, a brow gel and some lotion I really didn’t see much point in all the extra fuss, $$ and hype over products like the ones I am about to sell you on (sorry!). I guess it takes trying them and seeing results to understand why everyone has ten step skincare routines. If you are like me you won’t do all ten (maybe not even five) steps a day, but for when you are having a night in and you want to really go for it - these are the keys to beauty extra success!

  1. First up is my most talked about item: Intelligent elixirs serums. This is a huge one I DID NOT understand. I am sorry but isn’t like st. ives enough for my face ?? Turns out no because as soon as my girls at Mooi Studio in Denver got me hooked on these I can’t go back! I always talk about my pure squalane serum, but my vitamin B serum is one I put on before and use everyday. I am not a doctor so I won’t bore you trying to explain these serums and why they work - instead click here and read all about them!

  2. MZ skin Lift & Lustre is another product that I really thought has to be a joke. I was so excited to be sent it and at first I could not figure out why/how I need to use it. Turns out it is the BEST primer ever. Seriously summer glow is packed in this bottle and it does all the good skincare things (technical term guys) too! Read about it here (it is pricey, but I have had this bottle for a hot second - its a face investment?)


3. Eternal supplements. Don’t roll your eyes yet, but… since these are “anti aging supplements” I understand if you just did. This supplement is not on the market yet (as of April 7th when I am writing this) but will add in a link when it is. It is from a company called NeuroHacker which I have done my research on and feel comfortable taking these supplements. Is there enough research to make any claims? Nope. But these are just support supplements so take at your own risk and read about them here!


4. OK if you made it past my hippie supplements talk 1) thank you and 2) I am about to knock you're socks off. Three words: at home dermaplaning. Boom. This tool from spa sciences is what inspired this whole post. At its core it is a vibrating razor, but if you have every been dermaplaned you know they just use a razor as well. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. In my opinion any sharp object is dangerous, but I have used this plenty of times with no issues. Nothing is more satisfying to me than that clump of dead skin and hair after using this…


5. Last but not least is my favorite pallet lately from Ever Skin. I have found that I reach for it the most when I am tan and really want to glow. The eye shadows are matte which isn’t my summer go to but they are soooo flattering. Also this highlight will really make you SHINE! You can fine the pallet and more of their products here!

That is it! I hope you all enjoyed and have a great start to the week xo


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