WEEKLY VLOG #7: Visiting our new home!!

Enjoy - and sorry for the short and scattered video!! I am working on getting back in the grove


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Vlog 7: Q&A - Pregnant?? Stella is a rescue?!


Vlog 6: My Mental Health Journey || Revlon #ICanSoIDid

This week Revlon challenged me to share a story about how I could so I did and I knew that it was the perfect time to let my youtube audience in on what my blog readers already know well: my mental health story. But even if you have read everything up to this point I open up a bit more about the exact events that led me to where I am today.

Full Sweepstakes Information: https://fohr.it/30822--a35b

Revlon #ICansoIDid: https://fohr.it/30822--a35b

More mental health posts on my blog: here


Vlog 5: WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! With the Dress Designer!

You guys I don’t have enough words to explain how special of a day this was! Every girl dreams of finding the perfect dress and I was able to find mine and customize it to feel exactly like me for my big day! See the process & my nerves, thoughts and gratitude for everyone involved by watching the video above! I will be sharing images from the day soon!

Justin Alexander: https://www.justinalexander.com

The Bridal Collection: https://thebridalcollection.com

Olena Films: http://www.olenafilms.com