5 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is not something we are all blessed with from birth - it takes practice and time to really feel comfortable in your own skin. That being said I am not expert in this department but these 5 things are without a doubt something I lean on when I need an extra pep in my step on days when your hair just look like crap and there's defiantly something stuck in your teeth... BUT real confidence comes from you feeling good about yourself not what others see on the outside. So here are my 5 ways to instantly boost your confidence:

1. Wear something YOU know you look good in

Nothing is worse than trying out a new trend and leaving the house a little unsure of what the heck you are wearing (leather crop top in the summer for example... trendy? yes uncomfortable as hell? YES). We all have those items in our closet that are our go-tos and if they make you feel your best then who cares if you are an outfit repeater!

2.  Listen to music that makes you happy

This tip is one that I am religious about in the mornings and in situations where I need a little extra boost. I know I am not the only one who hears a song they relate to and instantly its like your hips can't stop and you just want to belt it out! In the morning I always put on uplifting music to get my day started. Ever walking somewhere alone? (even to class) - throw in some headphones. It is like giving your life it's own soundtrack and its really fun (just don't forget not everyone is hearing the same thing because when you accidently start singling along you may get some funny looks).

3. Find a Killer Fragrance

There are very few things in the world that are worse than getting somewhere and realizing that smell is coming from you. Smelling good always makes me feel more confident - its almost like "yeah I am a grown up and wear perfume - I've got my shit together". Recently Pinrose sent me some samples and let me pick out my new favorite scent - Wild Child ("perfect for the fearless, fun and beauty curious"). They recently launched at the Sephora near me and I can't get enough. You can buy it on Sephora's website here

4.  Put on some lipstick

There is something about swiping on a bold lipstick for an important event that makes me think I can take on the world. Even if you have zero time to do your makeup or brush your hair lipstick makes it all look intentional. If you aren't into bold colors like pink or red try nude. A good lipstick can take a girl far in life (I swear).  

5. Make a list

Ok I know huh?? But hear me out - one thing that I have learned from my anxiety is that if there is something you can't get out of your mind - make a list, and if there is something that you want to remember - write it down. SO what I like to do is make a list on 3 things I wish I could change about myself followed by 5 things I LOVE about myself. You might notice that thinking of 5 things is a lot harder than the negative 3 but when you really think about it you will realize the 5 outshine the 3 every day! Keep the positive ones on your mirror in your bathroom or somewhere you can see them! Get the bad out of your mind and remember only the good.

I hope these things helped a tiny bit and you guys try them out! Thank you Pinrose for inspiring this post and making sure I never have to worry about smelling bad ever again!


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