Function of Beauty - Review

My hair sucks - there I said it. I never know what to do with it and the only time it is "styled" is when I basically burn it to death with a hot tool (guilty). SO when Function of Beauty offered to send me a customized set of shampoo and conditioner that fit exactly what I wanted fixed with my hair I did a little happy dance. This is exactly what I needed - an expert helping me get what I want out of every single wash. I have been using my customized set for a few days and I wanted to share a review for those who might want to try it out too!


The biggest pro for me was the adorable bottles they came in. It actually says "Function of - Emma" on the bottle - how cute!! My other two pros were 1) the easy to use website guided me to get exactly what I wanted (test it out here) and 2) The scent I choose was delicious (cucumber mint). My hair profile is straight + dry and I can say it has been adding tons of moisture into my hair! It was delivered in no time in the cutest box. I will for sure continue to use these products!


The bottles are too big to travel with and while I wish I had my shit together I am not the type to go out and buy smaller ones and transfer it into. Also having straight hair I am not sure what a shampoo and conditioner can do for that. My hair still has a little wave when it drys despite it truly being "straight" (I blame this more on genetics than the product). 

Overall I am so happy I tried this out. The bottles alone are worth way more than what you pay and the product has been working well for me! Thanks Function of Beauty for saving my hair!



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