Glamping with Stella!


You guys I am on a high from these 24 hours and looking at the pictures makes it all the better. I always say I am adventurous but in practice I can be kind of lame so for me to book this amazing 24 hours was exciting and terrifying. I was contacted by Glamping With Pets from Glamping Hub to take a little pet friendly getaway with my girl Stella and I was able to choose wherever I wanted from their site. I spent like an hour going through everything and I finally pulled the trigger on AN AIRSTREAM

It was such a bold decision (for me half of you guys might be like - what??) but I knew Jon would come along and protect me from axe murders so I went for it. It was three hours south of Denver and only an hour away from the sand dunes which I have always wanted to see. It was so cute (even with twin beds lol) and definatley going to be something I remember forever! Plus Stella LOVED IT!

Thank you so much Glamping Hub for letting me make these memories it truly is so special to use this blog to take me places I never thought I would be able to go!

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^^ Jon is like what the heck and Stella is loving those kisses haha


^^ this was right next to the airstream - cutest property ever!